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Steam Beta Version Added Nintendo Joy-Con Support – ePrice.HK

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Steam Beta Version Added Nintendo Joy-Con Support – ePrice.HK

If you are a Nintendo Switch player and also use the Steam platform to play games on the PC, the Joy-Con controller of the Switch will be available for Steam games in the future. It turns out that Valve, the parent company of Steam, has been secretly developing a way to make Joy-Con support Steam, and has recently launched a test in the Steam Beta version.

Supports a variety of Nintendo switches

Users can connect one or a pair of Joy-Con controllers, and then control the corresponding Steam games as if they were on the Switch. In addition to the Joy-Con controllers that come with the console, Valve also supports Nintendo’s original Classic Controller controllers released on Switch Online, including red and white/grey consoles, super-res controllers, N64 controllers and Sega 16-Bit Genesis. Hand switch.

Be the first to test with Beta

If Steam players don’t have Nintendo controllers themselves, but have other consoles, Steam already supports DualSense and Xbox controllers as early as 2020 and 2021, shortly after the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Source: theverge

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