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Steam games are coming to Nreal AR ecosystem – DIGITIMES Smart Apps

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Steam games are coming to Nreal AR ecosystem – DIGITIMES Smart Apps

Nreal launched the Beta version of Steam on Nreal, a native AR cloud gaming service. Nreal

Nreal, a new AR glasses startup in mainland China, recently announced that it is expected to launch the Steam on Nreal Beta version of the native AR cloud gaming service on its own patented 3D display platform Nebula by the end of June 2022. At that time, users who own Nreal’s Nreal Light and Nreal Air AR glasses will be able to play games such as the “DiRT Rally” series and “Halo” series on the Steam platform through the Nreal AR glasses. However, Nreal also admitted that the pre-setting of running Steam on Nreal at this moment may be a little troublesome for users, and not all games on the Steam platform are compatible and can be played directly.

Compared with the AR glasses launched by the main high-end business market players such as Magic Leap and Microsoft (Microsoft), the functions of Nreal AR glasses are relatively simple, but the price of $599 is much more affordable. At present, Nreal has launched the game streaming service of Xbox Cloud Gaming on Nebula. After connecting the AR glasses to a personal computer, players can play games on a large HD screen with a visual effect equivalent to 200 inches through the AR glasses. Jin Peng, co-founder of Nreal, said in a statement to gaming site GamesBeat: “We are excited to be a pioneer in bringing AR to Steam. This beta is to show everyone what’s possible with this technology. Games A splendid AAA masterpiece should be presented on a large 200-inch HD screen, regardless of space and location.”

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Nreal also announced that in Nreal’s first global open online Hackathon: AR Jam on June 27, 2022, a $100,000 prize will be offered to attract development teams to create more AR glasses applications. The competition categories include home fitness, art, video games, audio and video and the compatible conversion of existing apps to the AR environment. In addition, Nreal is planning to set up a content fund to fund the development of AR content. Jinpeng said, “We have always focused on leveraging breakthrough technologies to create AR experiences for consumers and redefine the way we interact with information and content in our daily lives. Through the hosting of AR Jam and the establishment of the Content Fund, Nreal demonstrated commitment to supporting innovative developers and their development projects.”

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