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Steam heist simulator “Heist Simulator” allows you to design a perfect bank for other players to grab | 4Gamers

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If you have ever loved the gameplay of bank robbery in “GTA” or “Payday”, then “Heist Simulator” (Heist Simulator) is a new game that you should pay attention to, because it is not only about robbery, but also allows you to design levels. Build a perfect bank for others to grab.

Published by No More Robot and co-developed by RogueCode and SkyBagel, “Robbery Simulator” is a strategic stealth puzzle game from the perspective of God. There is only one main axis in this game, which is to set up a team, draw up a preparation plan, and then Carry out a perfect bank robbery.

Judging from the trailer, the player seems to be able to manipulate different characters individually and issue different instructions to destroy or invade the bank, find the target sneakily or violently, and go to the escape point after getting the money, but more The detailed operation is not explained.

It is worth mentioning that this game emphasizes that when players master all the robbery skills, they can create a bank by themselves through the custom editor of the game, and share it with other players, so that they can try the strategy.


“Heist Simulator” (Heist Simulator) has not yet revealed the game release date, but interested players can join the Heist Simulator Playtest to request access or add to the wish list.


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