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Steam highly praised “Hell Let Loose” Hardcore World War II shooting, be careful that the bullet does not have eyes!

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“Hell Let Loose”, published by Australian studio Black Matter and Team17, has gone through the 2017 Kickstarter platform crowdfunding and 2019 Steam The Early Access version was finally officially released at the end of July this year.

The game background of “Hell Let Loose” is set to World War II. Players can experience a 50-player vs. 50-player battlefield on a realistic map in a single game. Players can play various types of arms on the battlefield, such as commanders and infantry. , Snipers, armored soldiers, medical soldiers, etc., through communication with each other, the exact implementation of the commander’s tactics, and victory in the battle.

The mechanism of this game is quite complicated. Although the game has a teaching manual, it will take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete the entire reading. Players are not recommended to skip this step because they will still be at a loss after reading and entering the battlefield. Just enter the game when you read it. It will be very painful to play, presenting a state of “who am I, where am I, and what I want to do.”

The game mode is divided into “war” and “offensive”. The war is that the two sides have half of each other’s strongholds and resources at the beginning. They must constantly occupy enemy strongholds and defend our strongholds within a period of time. Occupy, or before the end of the game time, the team with more Occupy scores can win.

The offense will simulate historical battles, and the two sides will play the “offensive” and “defender” respectively. Unlike the war mode, if the defender loses the theater, it will not be able to retrieve it again. The offensive team needs to obtain all theaters to win. The defender will stick to the stronghold until 30 minutes before winning.

The way to occupy a stronghold is to calculate the occupation value statistics of both players in the area, pulling like a tug-of-war, until one side takes down the stronghold, there will be a period of cooling time for the stronghold, which will be temporarily locked so that the enemy can no longer compete.

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Why is this game quite complicated? There are up to 14 characters for players to choose from (and are constantly being added). Each character has its own role. For example, the commander can call the empty investment source and set up a respawn point, and the machine gunner can set up Machine guns are used to suppress firepower, engineers can build defensive buildings, tanks can open related vehicles, only snipers have sights… and so on.

And each role in the battlefield will be limited in number, such as a faction can only have one commander, each infantry team can only have one officer, each faction can only have two reconnaissance squads, and a reconnaissance squad only But there is a sniper (otherwise, if I don’t see this setting, there will probably be 20 snipers in a faction), and because of this setting, the content on the battlefield is extremely rich, and it often happens that there is a lack of corresponding work types in the battlefield, causing the player to commit suicide. Go out and change your status and rebirth, making adjustments to the situation.

On the whole, the experience of the game is very good, because of the diversification of the arms, I have experienced a wave of horror on the battlefield, which has never been a soldier. When I drove the transport truck to the front line, listening to the observer of another tank saying 700, repairing 750 and communicating with the gunner, I really felt like fighting on the front line. The commander would also talk to each team leader. Communication, which point to explode, which resources to use to build defensive points, rebirth points, which stronghold to attack in a few seconds, and to defend a certain place without hitting it is very interesting. On the contrary, if you encounter a team that cannot communicate with the microphone, the game experience will be terrible, and it is easy to lose a set of loose sand, so don’t be stingy, open the microphone chat!

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If you meet an English-speaking team, don’t be too nervous to communicate in English, because most of the time is to answer simple words like “Yes, ok, 10 sec, ready”, and everyone will not care about the accent. What you need to pay attention to is , Please try your best to ensure that the sound quality of the microphone is normal. I often encounter players using a microphone that can burst. When he shouts excitedly again, it will be uncomfortable to listen to it.

This game has a high level of hard core. Although the official website says it’s easy to get started but not easy to master, I think it takes at least 10 hours to know the game mechanics. , What is the purpose of defending at D4? Only after the resource point of C7 is the coordinates of the map, and the resource point has nothing to do with my little anti-tank soldier, but the players are still very polite, not because Running around or kicking out players without playing is usually due to malicious TK or hooking up the Internet to be voted out of the game.

Most of the time of the game is running on the map (Hello), looking forward to the fast-paced shootout series of players, this game may not be suitable for you, because often you can’t see people, you are shot to death by inexplicable stray bullets. And it was realistic enough. Basically, if you hit the limbs, it was shot to death, so there was no time to tell where the shot was made. If the player is not directly killed by a headshot, he can be rescued if there are medics around when he falls to the ground, but most of us press F to speed up the death, choose the rebirth point and wait for 5 to 30 seconds to enter the battlefield again, because of the location of the fall , The medics are also very likely to pour dumplings together, too lazy to wait for them to run over XDDD, rebirth is faster.

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But in fact, this concept is wrong. When you fall, you must wait for the medical soldiers to help you as much as possible, so as not to consume too much of your own resources. Every life is very important. Big difference with Asian servers.

It can be seen from the picture that there are a large number of public games in the world. It should be noted that the version of the test server will be brought into the game when buying the game. Players should not be as stupid as I am to load the wrong version of the game. After entering, no one is seen, and Re-downloaded the official version of the 25g game. In addition to Europe and the United States, Asian servers have also seen Taipei servers and Hong Kong servers with a Ping value of less than 100.

The selling point of the game is the immersive sense of battlefield and the sense of accomplishment after the teammates interact and communicate with each other. The explosion sound effect of the game is very exciting. When encountering a bombing, the psychological pressure will be tense to suffocation. The feeling of squeaking past my ears, but I still can’t catch the XDDD that attacked me from where.

There is not much difference in level advantage between game novices and veterans. The experience value is only at the third level of the arms to unlock guns and equipment. The others are just shapes. If you have more FPS game experience, it may not be useful, because you can’t see people ( Laugh), but occasionally I can catch a wave of enemy ass. I have killed 6 in a row before being discovered by the enemy (laugh). If you want to experience the battlefield, I suggest you buy this game. The CP value is full. High!

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