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SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wirelwss review: Extremely lightweight wireless MOBA gaming mouse, priced at 4890 yuan |

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SteelSeries Aerox 9 Wirelwss review: Extremely lightweight wireless MOBA gaming mouse, priced at 4890 yuan |

Faced with the trend of lightweight mice, the Aerox series of the Danish game peripheral brand SteelSeries has always been one of the best choices for players. Recently, SteelSeries launched a variety of game mice such as Aerox 5 and Aerox 9, which complemented the mid-to-high-end Aerox series. Positioning products so that players can reduce the burden on their hands with the best efficiency in games such as MOBA and MMO that require fine control.

Manufacturer information
■Synnex International (agent) ■02-2508-0055 ■tw.steelseries.com

Mouse Specifications
■ Wireless connection: 2.4Ghz, Bluetooth 5.0
■ Sensor: SteelSeries TrueMove Air
■ Number of keys: 18
■ Sensor Type: Optical
■ Resolution: 100dpi~18,000dpi
■ IPS: 400 (on SteelSeries QcK surface)
■ Acceleration: 40G
■ Mouse polling rate: 1000Hz/1 ms
■ Hardware acceleration: zero hardware acceleration
■ Battery life: 80 hours, Bluetooth up to 180 hours
■ Dimensions: 128.8×62.8×26.7mm
■ Weight: 89g
■ Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

suggested price

How to reduce the weight of the gaming mouse, the main development direction of the current manufacturers is to make a fuss about the shell material and structure of the mouse, and the open-hole design can increase the uniqueness of the shape and effectively reduce the overall weight. There has always been a certain number of users, and SteelSeries also responds to the needs of these players with the Aerox series. Even more dazzling, the SteelSeries Aerox 9 flagship wireless mouse tested this time cleverly uses these advantages and combines Quantum 2.0 Wireless technology to ensure high speed, low latency and no packet loss, providing the same instant response capabilities as wired connections. .

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Ultra lightweight design

Another surprising thing is its weight. Aerox 9 is actually a special mouse designed for MMORPG and MOBA players. Due to this type of game, more buttons are often needed to assist in casting skills or macros. , so the weight is inherently heavier than ordinary mice, generally at least more than 100g, while Aerox 9 can be configured with up to 12 side buttons, and even with the built-in battery, the weight can be reduced to less than 90g . In addition, although Aerox 9 adopts dense openings, covering more than two-thirds of the mouse body area, the ABS material shell still retains its strong characteristics, even if it is deliberately pressed with fingers, it will not be deformed. For players and players, in addition to reducing wrist pressure, the honeycomb shell can also increase friction and improve control stability. Aerox 9 also uses the TrueMove Air optical sensor jointly designed by PixArt and SteelSeries, which can support up to 18,000dpi, and has 100 IPS and 40G acceleration performance, but in terms of size, it is still recommended for players with medium and large hands. , will be more suitable.

Full button support for customization

Aerox 9 supports 2.4GHz and Bluetooth dual-mode wireless connection. It can also be connected by wire through the USB interface. It can be used in a variety of situations. With the official SteelSeries GG app, users can make detailed key function adjustments, including pressing The signal repeat mode when pressing the button can be customized, with a high degree of freedom. In terms of lighting, it provides 3 groups of customizable areas. In addition to the preset lighting effects, it can also be used with supported games to display game information with lights to enhance the game. visual experience.

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Focus View

The side key array has up to 12 sets of keys for players to customize their functions. If there are positioning points, it will be easier to identify.

There is no Dongle storage space at the bottom of the mode switch, and the power and wireless connection modes can be switched through the switch.

Braided cables, although less commonly used, still provide a braided wire with low frictional resistance.

Button customization The official SteelSeries GG tool application is quite complete, and the operation interface is easy to use.

Lighting mode with specific games can quantify health or ammo into a light display to enhance viewing.

Key Review: A good helper for super powerful games

product design ★★★★☆
The open-hole design is matched with the matte matte shell, which reduces the weight by up to 20g, and maintains a certain strength and stability, which can withstand intense manipulation. The electronic components are also specially designed to meet the lightweight requirements.

Hardware Specifications ★★★★
Equipped with its own designed TrueMove Air sensor and Quantum 2.0 wireless technology, it supports 18,000dpi resolution, the longest battery life is 180 hours, and it is IP54 waterproof and dustproof.

Key Function ★★★★
The fuselage has a total of 18 sets of buttons. In addition to the middle button function, the scroll wheel can also be customized to tilt left and right. The main button group is arranged on the side, and the huge button array supports the player’s complex commands.

software function ★★★★
In the official SteelSeries GG tool program, it provides quite complete customization options, including mouse buttons, macros and lighting modes, etc., and can also fine-tune the movement angle trajectory according to personal habits.

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