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Stefano Accorsi’s wellness secrets: “Eat well, move and music”

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In Luigi Ghirri’s photographs taken in fascinating corners of Emilia-Romagna, Stefano Accorsi’s roots are found: trees, countryside, life in the open air. Maintaining a strong bond with this dimension also through sport and physical activity has always been a priority for the Bolognese actor who has played leading roles in films and series.

Attention to physical fitness, health and psychophysical well-being is a constant in his daily life. Accorsi knows how to give the right value to what can improve the quality of life, and therefore to the diversity and plurality of views that make the world complex and wonderful.

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He testifies with his character in the new film by Simone Godano, “Marilyn has black eyes”, with Miriam Leone. “This film was a gift, like every time we realize that” the others “are in reality within us, indeed, it is us”, explains Accorsi. “It’s inspired by a true story, a guy in London had invented a restaurant that didn’t exist and within a few months he had climbed the charts with hundreds of messages from people who swore they had been there.”

In his latest film, his character, Diego, suffers from stuttering. How did you get into the role and what did you understand about the problems and ailments of stuttering people?
“In addition to the initial phase with the work of documentation, I was in a center that treats this disorder and which was founded by a person who suffered from stuttering and who today is able to really solve it with remarkable results. I say suffering because too often it is a suffering, primarily for those who stutter. It is a complicated problem because it is linked to frailties, insecurity, which in some way are communicated to the outside, but at the same time it becomes a zone of psychological comfort for those who suffer from it. , in a certain sense, it is a reassuring ritual that the body triggers as a mechanism in a moment of tension: it is one of the classic things that go beyond people’s will. In this center, which I visited, I discovered the created method from the founder who has helped many people to live differently in society. It was very useful for me to meet him and to approach the different types of stuttering. Then, little by little, we worked with the director rehearsing improvisations, tics, excesses of anger, and arranging the quantity with respect to different situations. The investigation and documentation phase was fascinating as always and I shared it as I have been doing for some time with Anna Redi, very good, with whom we explore through the script a series of areas of existence that we then need to bring to the stage. a character”.

A scene from the film

Diego says: “they believe they are right only because there are more, the normal ones”. In your opinion, why are categories created to highlight diversity, such as able-bodied, highly gifted or disabled?
“I think that seen from the right distance we are all different. It is clear that there are people who are more easily able to manage the same emotions, to keep them at bay, sometimes even too much, and this then causes an excess on the other side, or a malaise in other cases, compared to other people such as our protagonists, Diego and Clara, who, on the other hand, are unable to manage those moments in which one finds oneself being overwhelmed by one’s own moods and fragility. true and there is the contrast between normal and different to which Diego refers: the so-called “normality” struggles to relate to what does not fall within a certain predetermined behavioral perimeter. Today more than ever this division belongs to a very metropolitan reality, while in the municipalities the younger people with mental disabilities are more involved and integrated into the social fabric, and this certainly happened to a greater extent in the past “.

What is your interpretation of health and psychophysical well-being and how do you manage to maintain them in your life?
“I do my best and obviously when I find the time I really like devoting myself to outdoor activities. I am a lover of the mountains. I like it because it allows you a very active relationship with nature: walking, cycling or strolling is not only good for the body , but also to the spirit. Then, in the most tense moments or in those in which it is more difficult for me to stop, because every now and then in life there are quite furious accelerations, physical activity and a certain survival instinct come to my rescue . But movement, in general, makes me stay drinking, it helps me to feel good. Also attention to what I eat. Wanting to be frank, I believe that if we listen to each other a little we realize that there are things and habits that they create that heavy snap in certain moments, and I don’t like this feeling. I try to avoid it, because I realize that I feel much better if I keep myself lighter, and the spirit also benefits if I am physically well. Unfortunately, there is still no real culture, no real teaching in this sense, even if in recent years something has changed: we as Italians have a fantastic food tradition, our diet is the richest, most complete and incredibly varied, but we suffer the fascination of food and, therefore, also the excess of food. These aspects should be analyzed, explained, not only because it is an important issue for the individual human being, but also for society, in terms of health, medical costs and health care “.

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On social media, he has often emphasized the therapeutic effects of music and the positive effects it can generate on health.
“It is certainly an improvement tool for our well-being. Music is one of those immediate and simple elements that affect the quality of our life. I deeply believe in this sort of therapy that comes from experiences that draw on beauty, such as listening to music, watching a movie or a show at the theater. Sometimes I also take advantage of the moments when I play sports or go running to listen to my favorite songs. It is known that it releases endorphins. For example, in competitive sports you cannot listen music because it is equated to doping: this can make us understand the very powerful impact it has on our organism and on our hormonal system “. Although the level of attention on the pandemic remains high, the venues of the show open again after a long time and with full capacity are an important signal.

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Are you confident?
“I welcomed the news of the capacity of cinemas and theaters to one hundred percent with great satisfaction. At last we are back to normal and in Italy we are managing the situation with rigor and a great sense of responsibility. Even if with all the precautions, such as masks and green passes, being able to return to the cinema, in a theater or concert hall is of vital importance, not only in terms of cultural and human enrichment. The live entertainment sector in all its forms has in fact suffered particularly in the period of the pandemic because it was the first to close and among the last to reopen. So it is urgent that it recover. Even economically “.

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