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Stefano Tacconi, new update from the hospital: his son is still talking

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Stefano Tacconi, new update from the hospital: his son is still talking

Stefano Tacconi, new update from the hospital: his son is still talking. Important news on the health of the former champion in Alexandria

Almost a month with bated breath waiting for good news. Because so much has passed since that April 23 that changed the life of Stefano Tacconi and his family. The former champion continues to be hospitalized in Alexandriathe hospital that has become his home, and the others wait.

Stefano Tacconi (Instagram)

The family privacy it was protected from the outset as it is normal for those who have to face such a delicate situation and with timelines that cannot be foreseen. But it is precisely the family that from the first moment acted as an intermediary with all the fans or with the simple curious who wanted to have news.

And once again in the last few hours it was Andrea Tacconi, the eldest son of the champion who was with him in the moment of illness, to update on the situation. He did it with a post on social media: “After beating another fever, he will probably come out of intensive care within the day and will be moved in a new department “. Next to the post, two joined hands, a heart and a four-leaf clover as signs of hope and good luck.

Stefano Tacconi, new update from the hospital: the doctor who follows him is optimistic

A hope that is also fueled by the opinion of the doctors who are treating him. As the Dr. Andrea Barbaneradirector of the Department of Neurosurgery of the Alexandria hospital: “I don’t want to say that he is out of danger, but the most delicate phase is behind and, if he continues like this, he will be able to have a good quality of life again ”he explained to ‘Il Secolo XIX’.

Words that follow what Cinqure Newas said a few days ago to Mattino talking about what would be the next steps. In the meantime, move from intensive care to neurosurgery and then be started towards a rehabilitation process. “Will the recovery be important? It is too early to say because there are still variables and risks, but today’s starting point bodes well. However, the rehabilitation will be long with a goal that could be a return to a good quality of life “.

Stefano Tacconi
The former Juventus goalkeeper is still in hospital (Via WebSource)

And once again he explained that in his bad luck, Tacconi was still lucky because next to him was his son who did not lose his head and immediately called for help. It will be a long journey but every day that passes is a day gained.

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