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still a food withdrawn from the market

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still a food withdrawn from the market

There is no peace for Italian consumers. The crisis is not enough, now there is also the risk to one’s health that comes from food.

In the true sense of the word, the one full of everything, we can say that there is no peace for Italian consumers. Week after week thanks to the crisis, more devastating than ever, the average condition of citizens it is increasingly shaky. In addition, there is the breaking latest news with history that often it would be better not to read, even if it could then be really dangerous considering that it is about our health.

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In recent months the salmonella alarm it has literally devastated the serenity of Italian citizens and beyond. How can we forget the story that during the Easter period involved the kinder brand chocolate eggs. A real little epidemic that led to the closure of a factory in Belgium of the well-known brand. The risk in that phase literally undermined the serenity of the citizens who at that point felt the risk of contagion very pressing.

The risk, the one mentioned above unfortunately he is still with us, the news in the newspapers or on the web tells us about it. The operations of withdrawal of food products continue due to the much feared bacillus. A situation that borders on the surreal. Imagine such risks for our body today deriving from selected products, carefully stored and distributed, at this point all in theory. The practice, unfortunately, says something else.

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Italians are afraid. We have even recently realized food poisoning resulting from the consumption of natural water, that is to say, citizens no longer really know what to think. The crisis and uncertainty reign supreme in this historical period. In addition, the continuous invisible threat that comes from places that, in theory, we always believe to be the safest ever. What will happen at this point? What are the risks we will experience in the future?

The salmonella nightmare is back: here’s what happened with a specific batch of meat

Hamburger salmonella

According to what is reported by the website of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità: “Salmonella is the most commonly isolated bacterial agent in both sporadic and epidemic foodborne infections. It was first reported in 1886, in a case of swine fever, by American doctor Daniel Elmer Salmon. Salmonella occurs in nature with more than 2000 variants (the so-called serotypes) but the strains more frequently widespread in humans and in animal species, particularly those reared for the food chain, are S. enteritis e S. typhimurium”.

The last confirmed case concerns the withdrawal of a specific batch of veal burgers recalled from the market. The customer in question analyzed the specific food product on a sample basis, finding the presence of Salmonella spp. The batch of veal burgers in question is the one with a single weight of 200 grams of Vitello Casa Vercelli number 1204741. 116 pieces in all divided into twenty cartons. Maximum alert therefore among citizens in the case in which one came or had already come into contact with this specific product.

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It is a total of 116 pieces, divided into twenty cartons. The recommendation is to do a lot attention and check if the product you have at home it is one of those to avoid. Again on the basis of what is reported by the ISS website: “The infections caused by salmonella they are distinguished in typhoid forms (S. typhi e S. paratyphiresponsible for typhoid fever and enteric fevers in general), in which man represents the only reservoir of the microorganism, and non-typhoid forms, caused by the so-called minor salmonellae (such as S. typhimurium and the S. enteritis), responsible for prevalent clinical forms gastroenteric manifestation“.

In short, the risk is still very highcitizens are in constant danger and the utmost attention often really not enough. The moment is really more than critical.

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