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stomach pains and the terrible diagnosis. “But I’ll kick the disease!”

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stomach pains and the terrible diagnosis.  “But I’ll kick the disease!”

CADONEGHE – It’s called Danieleha 15 and a half years, and since yesterday he has waged his battle against the linfoma of Burkitt. A hard blow, very hard, that tears everything from you. Life turned upside down in seconds. After a first, understandable, refusal of the disease, Daniele Ranzato, who recently moved from Cadoneghe to Sant’Andrea di Campodarsego, reacted: “I will kick the disease and come back stronger than before!”. Daniele plays football in the Cadoneghe Union and on Sunday his teammates, before taking the field, gtli dedicated a banner. «While we play our matches on the pitch, there is a great young friend of ours who is preparing to win the most important in life, said managers and teammates – Dear Daniele, the whole Cadoneghe Union is supporting you and is close to you. You are a force of nature and an example for everyone! ».


In fact Daniele, according to the doctors and nurses who have been treating him for a few days at the pediatric hospital in Padua, Daniele is a rock. “He is surprising us parents too, says Giovanna Ceccato, the mother – We have always been proud of him and in these difficult and demanding hours, he is giving a lesson in courage and strength to everyone”. Daniele, who attends the 2b of Newton di Camposampiero, has another younger brother of one year, and the princess of the house will arrive in August. “After so many years we had this nice surprise, Giovanna says again – It was news that especially thrilled the boys: they were over the moon when we told them and they chose the name of their little sister”. Daniele discovered the disease about two weeks ago after a few days of stomach pain and general malaise. “In the end we went to the hospital in Padua where Daniele was subjected to a series of tests. He was hospitalized in pediatric surgery and was operated on ». Daniele had water in his lungs and the analysis revealed the cause of his discomfort: Burkitt’s lymphoma, a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is a malignant tumor that affects the organs of the lymphatic system. «Daniele knows everything about the disease, and he knows the path of treatments and therapies that his mother will now have to face – and from today (yesterday, ed), he started chemotherapy. Daniele is determined and courageous, a rock, as the doctors of the ward call him ».

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Although tired, Daniele wanted to send a greeting to the friends who are waiting for him at home: “I send a big hug to the whole Cadoneghe Union, to the mayor Marco Schiesaro who would have liked to visit me, to all my 2b classmates from Newton . I will come back stronger than before ».

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