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Stop wearing a mask in shops, in the gym and in the office

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Stop wearing a mask in shops, in the gym and in the office


15.02.2022 – 17:12

Update: 19:48

According to the first advances, tomorrow the Government will abolish the obligation of the mask practically everywhere.

The only exceptions: public transport and health facilities.

BERN – Stop the Covid certificate. But not only. From Thursday we will also be able to take off the mask. Yes, because according to the advances published today by Blick and the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, tomorrow the Federal Council will put an end to the obligation to wear the mask wherever it is currently in force, with the exception of public transport and health facilities. It should therefore no longer be necessary to wear this protection in shops, in the gym, entering bars and restaurants and in the workplace.

The measures that will remain in force, specifies Blick, will be limited to the end of March, when the state of “particular situation” should fall, even on a formal level. As previously anticipated, the Federal Council has also decided that the access rules linked to the Covid certificate will also be abolished, as well as any capacity restrictions regarding private meetings.

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