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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin
SQUARE ENIX and KOEI TECMO Games Team NINJA jointly developed the action role-playing game “The Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin” (PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / PC) scheduled to launch on March 18, including SQUARE ENIX producer Jin Fujiwara, director Inoue Daisuke and KOEI TECMO Games Team NINJA brand manager and producer Yasuda Fumhiko 3 core production team recently again accepted Bahamut GNN and other Asian media video interviews to share the game including the trial version Latest News.

Trial version and first day update

The first is about the last wave of the trial version before the launch. The production team said that in addition to including the same content as the official version, the biggest difference from the previous trial version is that the previous trial version only provides PS5 or Xbox. Series X|S and other new-generation console versions, this time the trial version completely includes PS4, Xbox One and other current-generation console versions, players on all platforms can take a first look at the game’s content.

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In addition, the production team confirmed that the first-day update will be released on the day the game is released, but the first-day update is only to adjust and correct the stability of the game and some minor bugs, and will not affect the game balance. This part has been adjusted before the launch. Well, it won’t be changed in the first day update.

Listing time

Some media asked if there are a lot of new strong hit games coming out recently. If you choose to launch at this time, will you worry about the sales volume being affected, the production team said that the game’s launch schedule was decided early in the morning, and there is no time to collide with many strong hit new games. way of things. However, from another perspective, the intensive launch of strong works is also a good time to arouse the enthusiasm of players. Of course the impact is inevitable.

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Directors and producers recommend occupations and weapons


I like professions with loud names, those that make players curious about new professions in the profession list, so I like “Liberator” the most. As for weapons, I like spears and great swords, but because I’m not very good at action games, I think magic is a safe choice.

Daisuke Inoue

Since I like two-handed axes, I prefer Berserkers or Dark Knights that can equip two-handed axes. The recommended occupation for beginners is “Warrior”, because the Warrior’s defense and physical strength are very high, and the survival rate is high.

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Fumihiko Yasuda

I like fighting weapons, so I prefer to choose classes like “Monk” and “Ninja” that can melee combat with gorgeous fighting moves. The recommended weapon for beginners is the “Great Sword”.

The Connection and Scene Selection of Final Fantasy in Past Dynasties

The production team revealed that although there will be scenes from the previous “Final Fantasy” in the game, this is basically just for reference, and does not mean that this work has the intention of integrating or running through the entire “Final Fantasy” series of world views. About 70-80% of the scenes are from other “FF”.

As for the selection of the previous “Final Fantasy” scenes, it is actually considered from the perspective of plot development. For example, because the plot arranged for the protagonist to go to sea, the “Pirate’s Lair” scene in “Final Fantasy XIV” was selected, which is so simple and has no special intention.

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Occupational Characteristics and Cultivation Section

Some media asked that “Destroyer” can use the “Iron Slasher” with a one-hit kill effect. How to ensure the balance of such a design, the production team said that this setting is based on the profession of the “Final Fantasy” series. Features, and the charging time of the Iron Sword is very long, there is no guarantee that it can kill with one hit, it still depends on how the player uses it, so there is basically no problem in terms of balance. In addition, the special move “Extraordinary Defense” of the advanced class “Liberator” evolved from “Dragon Knight” can inspire teammates, improve their survival rate, and enable them to fight for a longer time.

The “Soul Fragments” dropped by defeating the enemy in the game can increase the occupation experience value after use. The design intention is to hope that players can try different occupations more actively. Even if the occupation is not used, the occupation level can be improved by this, and there will be more in the future. A “Soul Crystal” larger than a Soul Fragment.

death penalty

Regarding the fact that this game does not continue the death penalty setting like the “Nioh” series, the production team said that the original idea of ​​the game design was “no death penalty is OK”, but in fact, death will still pay some price, just not like “Niwang”. “So big. The main purpose is to hope that on the one hand, it will give the player a sense of tension, and on the other hand, ensure that the player does not feel hopeless.

Post-break Elements

Some media mentioned that the PSP’s “Final Fantasy I” remake had the import of “Labyrinth of Time” post-level elements, which could allow you to obtain equipment from other “FF” series, or challenge bosses from other “FF” series. Regarding whether similar elements will be introduced in this game, the production team said that although the game does not have a “labyrinth of time”, some difficult tasks will be unlocked after clearing the level, in which more powerful equipment can be obtained.

Game information

  • Game Name: Stranger in Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

  • Game Type: Action RPG

  • Compatible platforms: PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 / Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One / PC

  • Release Date: March 18, 2022

  • Suggested price: NT$1,790 for the physical standard edition, NT$4,470 for the physical collector’s edition
    Download Standard Edition for NT$1790, Digital Deluxe Edition for NT$2690

  • Language version: Traditional Chinese / English / Japanese, etc.

  • Number of players: 1 person (up to 3 people connected)

  • Age Rating: Restricted

  • Developer: KOEI TECMO Games Team NINJA

  • Publisher: SQUARE ENIX

  • Agent distribution: Taiwan Guangrong Tecmo

  • Official website: http://www.gamecity.com.tw/finalfantasy_origin/cht/


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