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“Street Fighter V-Champion Edition”, the final new character “Luke”, will be released on 11/29 “Street Fighter V-Champion Edition”

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CAPCOM announced the combat fighting game “Street Fighter V: Champion Edition” in the special program “Street Fighter V Fall Update” aired today (11/24). (PS4 / PC) Season 5 updates the detailed introduction of the last new character “Luke”, and it is confirmed that it will be available after the November 29 update.

“Luke” is the last new character in the final season update of “Fighting Tornado 5”. When he was young, he was inspired by his father’s heroic deeds and determined to join the army to defend his country. The feature is a fighting style dominated by boxing. The basic boxing attack of the main force has the characteristics of moving forward while making moves. It can also perform nirvana skills that can determine long-range attacks or press and hold the button to accumulate power. Continue to approach and oppress opponents through aggressive offenses.

Luke’s two V-Skills each have the ability to strengthen nirvana skills and the effect of counter-attack throwing skills. The two V-Triggers use a different V-Timer mechanism from the past. After activation, the gauge will not decrease with time, but will slowly increase with time or damage to the opponent. Only when special skills are used or when the opponent is injured. It will be reduced, making the previous strategy of exhausting the opponent’s V-Trigger scale with procrastination and waiting change difficult to work, bringing new possibilities for battle.

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Luke is scheduled to be available for use after the November 29th update. It will be included in the 5th season Premium Pass and Character Pass. The character DLC will include additional 3 sets of costumes “Story”, “Battle Suit” and “Gym Suit”.

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According to the official statement, Season 5 is the last season update of “Fight Tornado 5”, and Luke is also the last new character in “Fighting Tornado 5”. Later, he will learn from the development experience of “Fighting Tornado 5” for the next “Fighting Tornado 5”. “Planning, and Luke is also a pivotal figure in subsequent projects.

In order to commemorate Luke’s debut, “Swoosh 5 Champions Edition” will be available for download on the PS4 free trial version for a limited time on the PlayStation Store from now until November 30. You can play all the characters in this article + season pass 1~4. From now until November 29, PS4 and PC versions will also be held on PlayStation Store and Steam. The game itself, season tickets and other related content will be sold at a minimum of 40% off.

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Game Information

  • Game name: Tornado 5 Championship Edition

  • The original name of the game: Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

  • Game type: Fighting

  • Corresponding platform: PlayStation 4 / PC

  • Release Date: February 14, 2020

  • Language version: Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / English / Korean / Japanese, etc.

  • Number of players: 1~2

  • Age classification: supplementary grade 12

  • Developer: CAPCOM

  • Publisher: CAPCOM

  • Agent distribution: Jiesdeng

  • Official website: http://www.capcom.co.jp/sfv/



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