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Streptococcus alarm in Great Britain, 7 children died

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Streptococcus alarm in Great Britain, 7 children died

London – The UK’s Health Security Agency has urged parents to be vigilant

London – Ambulance

London – Streptococcal infections alarm in Great Britain, in the last few days there are 7 dead children.

According to what Sky Tg 24 reports, it would be streptococcus A, that is the bacterium that causes scarlet fever. A disease that only in rare cases has a malignant evolution, but whose incidence on the population is increasing.

The British Agency for Health Security has called for attention to the state of health of children. In particular, some parents who have seen their children affected by the infection explain that the most typical symptoms are pain when swallowing, fever, swollen tonsils with white patches, swollen glands in the neck, skin rash.

The English health authorities also explained that the bacterium currently in circulation does not appear to be part of a new strain. In any case, the number of invasive infections is increasing compared to the pre-Covid era.

December 4, 2022

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