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Stress can kill you, symptoms to watch out for: The body sends signals when things are going wrong

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Stress can kill you, symptoms to watch out for: The body sends signals when things are going wrong

Stress: a silent killer that shouldn’t be ignored

It’s not just a figure of speech: stress can really kill us. Before it’s too late, let’s pay attention to these symptoms.

Many illnesses have a psychosomatic origin. This means that our mental discomfort can also affect the health of our body. Let’s see what symptoms to watch out for.

Stress doubles the risk of having a heart attack/ Ilciriaco.it
Many of us, often, to exaggerate a little or to be ironic, utter the classic phrase “All this stress will kill me”. There’s actually little to joke about because Stress can really seriously damage our health and lead to the worst. In particular, stress doubles the chances of dying from a heart attack in people who already suffer from heart disease. This is what researchers from Emory University in Atlanta, in the United States, say.

However, our body, which is programmed for survival, always sends us signals to warn us that something isn’t working as it should. We are the ones who, most of the time, pretend nothing has happened and continue until it is too late. In particular, we need to pay attention to certain symptoms that indicate that stress levels have really exceeded the threshold.

Stress: symptoms not to be underestimated
Stress can kill. Science says so. Or better: Too high levels of stress can even double the risk of having a heart attack in people suffering from heart disease. Let’s see what symptoms should never be underestimated.

Researchers at Emory University in Atlanta conducted a study involving 900 patients. All had had heart problems in the past. Only a portion of them, however, suffered from stress. The latter were found to be much more exposed than others to the risk of having ischemia and heart attacks. The risk was even greater for those who also suffered from diabetes.

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But how can we understand if our mental stress level has reached dangerous levels? The body always sends us signals. It’s up to us to listen to them. The symptoms that should never be underestimated are the following:

Agitation: the feeling of being perpetually overwhelmed by events and never being able to relax.
Lack of energy often accompanied by complaints such as nausea and diarrhea. Frequent headaches and insomnia. Frequent chest pains and rapid heartbeat. Teeth grinding. Unmotivated nervousness. Decrease in sexual desire.

If you have more symptoms than those mentioned above, it’s time to take a break to shed light on what’s wrong. If you feel stressed every now and then, then it is nothing serious but if, however, it is a constant feeling then you need to take action. Very often stress is linked to situations of frustration and dissatisfaction at work and/or in private life. Before it is too late it is advisable to reverse course even with the help of a specialist.

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