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Stronghold Heroes arrives at GeForce NOW this week with touchable GeForce performance

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Stronghold Heroes arrives at GeForce NOW this week with touchable GeForce performance

Stronghold Heroes Mobile Touch Experience Now Available to All GeForce NOW Member use, through iOS Safari and NVIDIA GeForce NOW supported Android App streaming to mobile devices

Starting this week, all members of the GeForce NOW Alliance Taiwan Mobile cloud gaming service (GeForce NOW) can stream from the cloud through the Safari web browser on iOS and Android apps supported by GeForce NOW, and touch the mobile device on mobile devices. way to play Fortnite.

The version officially launched this time is to undertake the previous successful test version and remove the waitlist during the closed test. The beta version includes over 500,000 gamers and over 4 million cloud-streaming tests across hundreds of mobile devices.

The closed beta gives the GeForce Now team the opportunity to test and learn to provide optimized on-screen touch and game menus, making the game experience more intuitive, and the end result is that gamers can enjoy game touch to the fullest experience.

These improvements would not have been possible without millions of streaming tests from beta participants.

through GeForce NOW Stream Stronghold Heroes

GeForce NOW enables millions of gamers to stream their favorite PC games like Fortress Heroes to virtually any device, render the game on a cloud PC using a high-performance NVIDIA GPU, and stream the game back instantly to on the device.

Go to the GeForce NOW membership page and choose one of three membership plans to get started easily. Sign up and download the GeForce NOW app for PC, Mac, Android or Android TV for instant cloud streaming.

Members can link an Epic Games account from the Connections menu in Settings and automatically log in when Fortress Heroes is released.

↑ Unleash the soul of the battle royale champion in your heart and play “Fortress Hero” on your mobile device

The Fortress Hero mobile device with the addition of touch functionality gives players GeForce performance.

GeForce NOW also manages patches and updates games for members. With the arrival of a new format or a new mode, members will be ready to play the game to the fullest. GeForce NOW members can start playing when the no-build battle royale mode launches with Fortnite Zero Build.

Check out the Stronghold Heroes Getting Started page for tips on game mechanics or a refresher on how to play Stronghold Heroes with touch.

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