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study on the first 28 days of hospitalization

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How much do you risk dying if you contract Covid-19 and are also obese? Four times more than those who are not overweight. This emerges from the study by the University of Verona, published in the journal Frontiers Physiology entitled “Intermuscular Adipose Tissue as a Risk Factor for Mortality and Muscle Injury in Critically Ill Patients Affected by Covid-19”. This is a work that follows a previous article published last March in the journal Nutrition Metabolism Cardiovascular Disease onincreased risk of mortality in resuscitation for subjects with obesity. The study, of which the first author and corresponding author is Andrea P. Rossi, of the University Healthy Aging Center and director of the Geriatrics Unit of the Cà Foncello hospital in Treviso, was carried out in collaboration with Leonardo Gottin, professor of Anesthesia and resuscitation in the university and director of the cardiothoracic and vascular intensive care of the Borgo Trento hospital, Enrico Polati, director of the Anesthesia and resuscitation section, Katia Donadello and Vittorio Schweiger, teachers of Anesthesia and resuscitation, Giulia Zamboni, professor of Diagnostic by images and radiotherapy and Mauro Zamboni, director of the Geriatrics section and of the Healthy Aging Center.

The research aimed to investigate relationships between obesity, body composition and survival outcomes in hospitalized patients in resuscitation. “In this second work, in a population of 156 patients admitted to the intensive care unit in Verona during the first and second wave of Covid-19, it was found that having a high infiltration of fat within the muscle, assessed by CT scan, determines a 4-fold increased risk of death in the first 28 days of hospitalization – explained Gottin – In addition, subjects with obesity have more damage to the muscle with consequent post-Covid myopathy than normal-weight subjects “confirmed Katia Donadello. “We therefore observed that the subclinical inflammation, associated with an unfavorable body composition profile, typical of the obese patient, is amplified by Sars-Cov2 and is reflected in a higher in-hospital mortality, also causing muscle damage with slower post-Covid functional recovery »concluded Andrea P. Rossi. Furthermore, the study of body composition can prove useful to predict the evolution of Covid-19 in critically ill subjects and to plan the most suitable functional recovery path at the end of the acute phase.


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