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“Subscriptions are now monthly and smart.” Stop to annual registrations

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MACERATA – The weight of the Green pass on the gyms of the province has not discouraged the inventiveness of the managers, ready to respond to the economic needs and skepticism of some customers in this moment of seasonal restart. “The Green pass has created a sort of” happy “island in places like this where security is maximum and those who enter can be more serene – explains Francesco Clerico, owner of the” Robbys “gyms in Macerata, Tolentino and Trodica di Morrovalle -, however, the doubts and perplexities with respect to the actions of the Government remain and many think that in the coming months we can return to the closures of the gyms despite the obligation of certification ».

According to Clerico, the desire to train and attend courses is high, but the worm of a new lockdown is still present: “I must admit, however, that even the most perplexed about the vaccine have now done so – he continues -, our policy is It was then that of making the offer more congenial and allowing people to feel freer without having to immediately spend at least 100 euros for a classic or even longer-term subscription ».
The proposal of the Robbys gyms therefore recalls that of the major services of the thematic channels or paid films: «A subscription where at a cost of 25.90 euros you have access to 8 entrances, you pay month by month and you can cancel at any time. Not only that, at 29.90 accesses become free ». However, the focus is on continuity and trust in the gym: “Only the first monthly” open “subscription of this kind will cost 75 euros, including registration – he adds -, we thought that during the various lockdowns people took more familiar with online payments and so on. From Monday, therefore, it will be possible to take advantage of these offers directly on the site ». Among those who have never stopped since the reopening of May 24th there is the “Live Energy” gym in Montecassiano: “We were almost always open except for a few days around August 15th – says Massimo Amici -, from the point of view of the Green pass the numbers if they are not worrying certainly do not inspire confidence and must be taken into consideration. Despite not having many minors in the gym (martial arts courses will start again from early October), their absence due to lack of vaccination affects the number of those who are not currently attending ».
A very significant loss, with some distinctions: «At the end of September 2020 we managed to recover almost all the customers who had stopped for closure – he says -, but the drop in new registrations was equal to 30%. For the current year it is still premature to give numbers but I believe that this percentage is destined to grow ». The idea then was to promote a new formula: “It’s called” 6 come 6 “- he adds – it’s a paid trial that can become free: at a cost of 24 euros you get 6 accesses to be exploited in 15 days ; a bonus of 4 euros is attributed to each entry in order to recover the full price to be reinvested in the subscription of a monthly subscription which, in addition to being free and activated online, is renewed or suspended without restrictions at a cost of 54 euros “.
A drop in registrations also in the “My Gim” gym in San Severino Marche managed by the spouses Michele Meschini and Federica Zagaglia: “We have lost for the moment at least 20% of the people who do not have the Green pass cannot attend the facility – says Meschini – , on the part of those who are continuing to come, the request is to make a monthly subscription, having however stopped offering annuals “. In this case, the costs vary according to the services requested (the gym is one of the major points of reference for crossfit activities in the province) “We are around an average of 50 euros per month – he concludes -, we have not touched anything compared to to 2020, we are confident that this choice and our professionalism will entice people to return to the gym. Despite the period we are doing our best, doing refresher courses and being close to the people ».

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