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Suffering from dystrophy, for subcutaneous defibrillator twins – Medicine

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Suffering from dystrophy, for subcutaneous defibrillator twins – Medicine


(ANSA) – MILAN, 12 JUL – Two twins suffering from muscular dystrophy were operated on the same day by the professionals of Thoracic Surgery and Cardiology of the Mantua hospital, with the placement of a defibrillator that prevents sudden death from cardiac arrest. An anticipated risk for the disease they are carrying. The intervention reported by the Asst of Mantua was performed on Fabio and Luca Toniolo, 35, arriving from the province of Venice who will now be able to return to play sports in their powerchair hockey team in Padua.

“The family turned to us, because in this area the Carlo Poma is today a point of reference for the most complex and delicate cases, for the most fragile patients”, explains the director of Thoracic Surgery Andrea Droghetti, who in recent years has developed ultra-specialized minimally invasive surgical treatments in Mantua for heart failure and the prevention of sudden death. The professional has devised a new implant technique, modifying it in a decisive way compared to its original version and reducing its invasiveness.

It is a procedure of subcutaneous defibrillator implantation that is going around the world, thanks to the commitment of the doctor in the drafting of scientific articles and in the training of colleagues from other centers. Every year about 50 thousand people in Italy and over 350 thousand in Europe are affected by sudden cardiac arrest: a malignant arrhythmia that can have a lethal outcome if you do not intervene promptly.

This pathology also affects young people, often during sports activities. (HANDLE).

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