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Summary: the tech gym in 2 square meters. What it is and how it works

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Summary: the tech gym in 2 square meters.  What it is and how it works

An entire gym in 2 square meters? It is the technological dream of those who practice fitness and many experiments have been pursuing it from the 60s to today. The latest in order of time it’s called Sintesi, and it’s an all-in-one gym developed by the Italian Akuis (Advanced Kinetic User Interaction System), a startup founded by Alessandro Englaro, aerospace engineer, and Mattia Armando Chiavegato, architect, who combined their skills to create a highly technological training solution with an innovative design ” tubular”. “We like challenges and we wanted to be recognized for having added something innovative, complex, technological, that nobody had thought of yet”, they explain.

Summary: what it is and how it works

Summary consists of 2 light tubular modules (weigh less than 10 kg), which can be placed both on the wall and on the groundand allow the execution of about 300 exercises, even at high intensity: i electromagnetic motors inside they can generate up to 100 kg of load and up to 2 kW of power, recovering part of the energy produced by the movement of the trainee. The mechanism is based on the Dynamic Vectoring patent, which allows you to electronically adapt the “tubes” to any type of exercise, via a mobile app. An advantage compared to traditional weights is that Sintesi can simulate different types of load (constant, elastic, eccentric, isometric, etc.) and the cables that allow you to perform the exercises are not fixed, but run along the tubes, adapting to the needs of those who use it. The tubular modules can also be positioned on a platform which acts as a horizontal support and facilitates exercises such as crosses and pushes on a flat bench, front and side raises, squats, lunges, etc. The accessory set includes pull cord, ankle cuffs, squat belt and barbell.

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Summary: our proof

For our test, which lasted about an hour, we tested the Pro version of Sintesi both with the modules placed horizontally on the platform and vertically, with exercises such as bench presses, pulleys and a similar squat. The possibility of modulating the load and type of resistance through an app makes the difference. You can do almost all the exercises you do in the gym, except leg extensions and leg curls, which however can be replaced by others. But, all in all, the fact that the cables slide on the tubular modules adapting mechanically to the user’s various movements makes the idea of ​​a gym in just over 2 square meters credible.

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