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Summer and drinks that are too cold: what are the risks of iced drinks, be careful

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Summer and drinks that are too cold: what are the risks of iced drinks, be careful

In the summer we love to enjoy ice-cold and thirst-quenching drinks, but be very careful: it’s dangerous and you can run risks.

For a few weeks now temperatures are rising quite abruptly and clearly it’s a sign that summer is finally here. The summer season is certainly among the most popular, especially by Italians, because the right days are finally here to go to the beach or on holiday to relax a bit. Among all the beautiful things about summer, however, there is one that is truly unbearable: the scorching heat that makes us sweat continuously.

Withstanding the sultry heat of the months of July and August is really impossible if you don’t have air conditioners, fans or you don’t have the opportunity to take a bath. Due to excessive sweating the risk of dehydration is very high indeed. And that’s why they advise us to drink often when temperatures exceed 30 degrees. The important thing is that they don’t drink though drinks that are too cold or even frozen: Although it sounds pleasant, it is actually very dangerous.

Drinking water and cold drinks isn’t the best idea when it’s too hot

After a physical effort or simply after sweating due to the heat, our instinct is to open the refrigerator and quench our thirst with ice water, or with another cold drink. On a psychological level it is certainly a relief because the cold, or even the ice, helps to counteract the feeling of heat and exhaustion due to the high summer temperatures.

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In general, not only drink too cold drinks it is very dangerousma it doesn’t even help quench our thirst. Surely you will have noticed the fact that, after a short distance, we find ourselves thirsty again and again.

Beware of drinking too cold drinks in the summer: what happens to our body (TantaSalute.it)

That’s because water, and drinks in general, when they have one temperature too low they go to lose what are their main nutrients, i.e. mineral salts. The mineral salts contained in the water we drink are precisely those that help us quench our thirst. And to make us recover our strength: if they are not there or are too reduced, there is no point in drinking. This is just one of the dangers that can occur when drinking something too cold.

Not only drink too cold water or drinks can cause paradoxically dehydration. Because they don’t quench our thirst as they should, but they can come also stomach and intestinal problems.
If we drink a glass of cold water after eating it is very dangerous because it could block digestion: a really very big risk.

It is also not recommended to drink frozen drinks when it is too hot or when we are too sweaty: this is why our body temperature is very high and ingesting something very cold we can run into congestion due to the temperature difference. That’s why the advice is always to drink drinks or water fresh oa room temperature unless it’s too hot.

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