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Summer diseases: the 5 most common, how to recognize them and how to defend yourself

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Summer diseases: the 5 most common, how to recognize them and how to defend yourself

Summer is upon us and even some diseases are widespread, recognizing them is the best way to defend yourself.

Summer is coming and everyone is excited about it, but perhaps few imagine that the heat, the sun and the high temperatures could take a back seat with the arrival of the five most common diseases.

These problems are not only present d’estate. Therefore, they are not seasonal diseases, but find fertile ground in this period, spreading very rapidly. Meeting them means ruining the holiday.

Each season has its typical diseases. In fact, if winter keeps us company with colds, sore throats and coughs, summer also has its dangers, from which it would be good to keep away.

Summer diseases: how to recognize and prevent them

The World Association for Infectious Diseases and Immunological Disorders identified the five most common. These are pathologies that can easily affect people and develop. This guide is therefore important to know how to behave and what strategies are useful for defending yourself.

How to prevent summer diseases (tantasalute.it)

Going to the beach, to the pool, living more outdoors has pros but also cons. Infections, fungi, bacteria increase, the skin is more exposed and therefore everything is transmitted very easily. In fact, the first danger is precisely that of contracting skin infections. There are several but a very dangerous one is impetigo, a disease that is widespread among children but also affects adults. Generates skin cracks, crusts and severe itching. The blisters spread everywhere so don’t scratch, this infection is caused by strep but not the only one.

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Even the mycosis eh mushrooms they are very popular because of the swimming pool. You should never walk barefoot along the villages because the stagnant water which is continually stationed on the tiles and on the plastic favors the proliferation of these diseases. Never sit along the edges, the private parts are very exposed only with the costume and the mucous membranes are easily attacked. Scales can form on the hands, genitals, feet with itching and discomfort. In this case it is necessary to intervene with an anti fungal.

Other diseases concern nutrition, the gastroenteritis not intoxications are more and more widespread, everything from salmonella to adenovirus is circulating. Better not to exceed with meals, avoid exposure to the sun after eating and pay attention to what you eat and where. If you get diarrhea after a trip be careful, it could be E. coli.

In summer there is no shortage of allergies caused by contact with irritants, pollen, insect bites, jellyfish and fish stings. Be careful and follow the indicated prophylaxis, especially if you are allergic. Be careful where you swim, always use precautions. If you like trekking or being in nature, cover your limbs with long, light clothes, avoid exposing areas of the body because it is easy to get stung.

In the end sunstroke and heatstroke which can be very serious for the body. Never expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours or stay in the sun for a long time, pay attention to the strong heat but also to sudden changes, for example when you enter a place with very strong air conditioning in the scorching heat. In the most serious cases, you need to go to the emergency room.

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