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Summer nutrition: which foods are better to avoid when it’s too hot and why?

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Summer nutrition: which foods are better to avoid when it’s too hot and why?

The right summer diet can be an important safeguard against high temperatures. Here are the foods to avoid when it’s too hot.

In the summer you crave refreshing food and drinks to feel the heat less. In fact, the right summer diet can go a long way in making us feel fresher and more comfortable in high temperatures. Just as there are foods to prefer when it’s very hot, in the same way there are foods to avoid.

Who says you can eat everything in the summer? Maybe not everyone imagines it, but it would seem that some experts have completely banned the intake of certain foods, especially when the temperatures are mostly boiling hot.

Summer nutrition: the best foods to combat the great summer heat

There are so many the foods that we can introduce into our summer diet. It is mainly seasonal fruit and vegetables, rich in vitamins and minerals to replenish the liquids lost through sweating.

What are the foods to prefer in summer (tantasalute.it)

But others too cibi anti afalight and tasty, such as:

The zuchiniswhich are made up of 95% water and have a very low calorie content cucumbersalso very rich in water, vitamins and minerals, have antioxidant properties and are excellent against glasses demand, refreshing and thirst-quenching, this aromatic herb can be used to create an excellent herbal tea with pain-relieving properties against headaches, gastritis and cramps. It can also be used to give a touch of freshness to sweet or savory dishes melon it is a very sweet and delicious fruit, mainly composed of water. It contains vitamins and minerals and is an excellent aid for maintaining effective circulation and good blood pressure peaches, have detoxifying and diuretic properties, strengthen teeth and bones. Furthermore, by containing beta carotene, they promote tanning.watermelonis the summer fruit par excellence, rich in water and antioxidants, but also in vitamins and minerals pollo, one of the preferred protein sources. Contains sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium and vitamins B1, B2 and PPLa solea delicious fish, protein and very versatile

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Furthermore, it cannot be missing from the summer diet the right amount of water per day: at least two and a half liters, avoiding carbonated drinks and limiting alcoholic ones.

Now here are the foods to avoid when it’s too hot.

These are:

Cured meats, too rich in salt and fat Fried foods, which make you sweat and increase cholesterol Grilled meats, too rich in salt and fat Pre-cooked foods, rich in salt and preservatives Spicy and spicy foods, which make you sweat a lot Red meat, high in calories and fat Ready sauces , too heavy for the summer heat (it is better to prefer lighter sauces for pasta, such as vegetables or dried fruit pestos) Super alcoholic and sugary drinks, which do not quench thirst but are rich in sugars

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