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Sweeteners are bad, a study confirms DNA alterations

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Sweeteners are bad, a study confirms DNA alterations

An important survey puts these substances in a bad light, with sweeteners that are harmful and with one exponent of the category in particular.

Sweeteners are bad, like normal sugar in proportion to the effects observed, even if with different consequences. This is supported by a new special study which has placed the emphasis on what is an incorrect intake of these substances.

A sweetener poured into a drink (Canva – recipesprint.it)

Thinking you can have something more sugar free than normal sugar is true only if you remain limited in what they are the recommended measures and times. Which should never be excessive.

In this sense, improvements have been found if the use of sweeteners is limited only to the short term, therefore to a few days. Otherwise there is instead a big contraindication that something very important has been observed.

That is, that sweeteners are bad, even managing to make alterations to the DNA. There are actually several studies carried out in this sense, with the one recently carried out last in order of time which confirmed this aspect.

Sweeteners are bad, which one is believed to be the most harmful

There is one “culprit” in particular, as can be learned from the specialized trade magazine Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. In fact, a sweetener in particular would be able to modify the DNA of those who exceed its intake in a genotoxic way.

Sweeteners are bad for your health
Sweeteners in pills (Canva – recipesprint.it)

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This is sucralose, which has been included in the list of substances to be monitored also by the World Health Organization. Sucralose and all other types of artificial and synthetic sweeteners are only good if consumed in moderation and for a few days.

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Sweeteners are bad for your health
Some sweeteners used in a drink (Canva – recipesprint.it)

Otherwise, even serious contraindications may arise for people’s health. In particular, sucralose would cause the rupture of the cells it touches. And the same types of damage can also occur to the epithelial tissues of the intestine.

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In Italy there is Professor Berrino That he has been saying all this for years and recommends drinking drinks without resorting to added artificial sugars or sweeteners.

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