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Swine flu, first human infection in the UK

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Swine flu, first human infection in the UK

A single episode of contagion of a human being with the influenza A(H1N2) virus, the so-called swine flu, has been identified in recent weeks in the United Kingdom: this was announced by the UKHSA, the British public safety agency health, specifying that this is the first case registered in the country.

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“The UKHSA – we read in an official statement released today – has detected a confirmed and isolated human infection of the virus as part of the usual surveillance action” carried out on the matter. The authorities specify that the affected person “suffered from a benign infection and has already completely recovered”, while underlining that there are reasons to keep the threshold of attention high, but not alarm.

“We are working to rapidly trace the patient’s potential contacts and contain any potential contamination,” he said Meera Chand, Director General of Emergencies at UKHSA. However, it has not yet been possible to determine the direct source of this specific infection.

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The H1N2 virus is indicated as one of the main “swine flu virus subtypes”: a disease that normally infects pigs, but which can occasionally be transmitted to humans – as has already happened in the world – following both direct and indirect contact with the animals. In the known medical literature, human infections are largely “benign” in nature, with a non-severe course, even if there have been individual serious cases in other countries.

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