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Syracuse, from today more ordinary beds in the Medicine ward

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With the return of the Covid ward to the north building of the Umberto Primo hospital in Syracuse, the Medicine ward was relocated to its headquarters on the fourth floor of the central wing of the hospital and, from today, the hospital beds have been increased from 14 to 24, of which 14 Internal Medicine and 10 Geriatrics, with a strong positive impact in the management of patients in the emergency room waiting to be hospitalized.

A further recognition and progressive and proportional redistribution of medical, nursing and support staff, thanks to the collaboration and availability of the management of all hospital departments, could lead in the coming days to further increase the number of hospitalization places in the Medical Area from the current 24 to 36 between Medicine and Geriatrics.

The medical director of the hospital Paolo Bordonaro and the directors of the medical departments Roberto Risicato, of Geriatrics Alfio Cimino and of the Aulo Di Grande Emergency Department give the news: “The provincial health organization in the last two years of the pandemic – declare – has always been striving, with enormous and well-known difficulties, especially in terms of the availability of human resources common to all Healthcare Companies, to reconcile the need to manage covid patients and maintain the same attention towards all other pathologies that need as well as finding adequate answers to health needs. Being able to maintain an elastic organization is allowing us to constantly remodel the beds of the covid and ordinary departments according to the needs that the evolution of the pandemic requires, also taking into account the difficulties caused by the absorption of medical and nursing staff by the departments. covid. Thanks to a considerable effort by everyone, having the company management found the nursing staff with many difficulties also for Neurology with Stroke Unit, we have restored the premises of the internal medicine department of the Syracuse hospital in the possibility of welcoming patients back to Non-covid medical area with the reactivation of ordinary places that will allow us to lighten the overcrowding that often occurs in the emergency room, thus being able to speed up the hospitalization procedures for waiting patients”.

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