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Tabata training: what it is, exercises and benefits for sculpting the body

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Minimum effort, maximum yield: discovering the method that ensures that 5 minutes a day is enough to get results

20 seconds of full intensity, followed by 10 seconds of rest. All for just 4 minutes. This is in fact the time imposed by theTabata traininga workout we’re hearing a lot about capable of toning and sculpting the body in record time.

Launched in the 90s, often recommended as a pre-natal method, the Tabata sports method is making a comeback and now has more and more followers. In a handful of minutes (4 initially), it promises, over the course of sessions extended over time, a 360 degree muscular and toned body. While improving your cardio and physical condition. Let’s understand together what it is and why.

What is Tabata training

In the mid 90’s Dr. Izumi Tabata creates a high intensity interval training method. The end? Get better results in terms of mass gain and fat reduction. It was originally about 8 exercises to perform very intensely for 20 seconds. After that, 10 seconds of recovery. All to be repeated 4 times a week for 6 weeks.

Dr. Tabata’s official method it therefore lasts only 4 minutes but lately several personal trainers have readjusted the sessions to last longer. The original training took place entirely on a stationary bike, but now the exercises have been adapted and range from squats to jumping rope.


Point number one, don’t overdo it. If you choose this training, keep in mind that your body and cardiovascular system need to rest between sessions. Therefore, no more than four Tabata sessions per week are recommended. Give the prioritize form over speed, especially at the beginning. Also, avoid heavy weights as they can lead to poor form.

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Since this is a workout that consists almost exclusively of bodyweight exercises, the combinations to create a Tabata training they are almost infinite. Based on micro-circuits, the Tabata workout can last up to 30 minutes. In this case, it will be enough for you to perform several HIITs and, perhaps, dedicate them to different areas of the body. You can opt for squats and lunges, for the stationary bike, for push-ups and burpees or for crunches and mountain climbers.

The benefits

“Motivation is increased tenfold at the end of a session.” So explains Valérie Orsoni, the trainer who has shared this technique with thousands of athletes all over the world. Not to mention the satisfaction of being able to surpass yourself. «Muscle toning is fast. We also notice an improvement in the health of the cardiovascular system and a loss of fat mass. The 10 seconds of rest does not allow the body to fully recover. From 2 minutes the body must therefore work to the maximum of its physiological capacities, the heart must pump harder, which leads to an increase in the metabolic rate, and therefore in the energy expenditure ».

How to integrate this training into the usual sports routine? Ideally, it would be good to alternate with simple cardio activity (walking, swimming). Or with daily yoga or stretching to work on muscle mass on off days. The plus? This allows you to get a harmonious and toned body avoiding the typical mental tiredness that arises by always practicing the same workout. And, we know it well, that having fun is the basis of well-being.

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