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“Take an antibiotic.” But she had a tumor

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“Take an antibiotic.”  But she had a tumor

Lindsey Gritton it was in its 34th week of pregnancy when he realized that something was wrong. For the 29-year-old, the one she was carrying in her womb was her second daughter: the whole course of the pregnancy was regular, until at a certain point she began to feel a burning sensation in her right armpit, which went up to the otherwise.

Lindsey thought it was a milk duct, which is an obstruction of the tube that carries breast milk from the glandular tissue where it is produced to the nipple, as had already happened with the first child, but in reality this was not the case. Failing to dissolve the traffic jam and hearing a lump – about the size of a small marble – on the right outer side of the breast, the girl she decided to go to her doctor who dismissed her with one diagnosis of mastitis and an antibiotic prescription.

Pregnant at 29, the doctor’s misdiagnosis

Lindsey, however, felt that this was not the case. «I knew how a clogged pipe felt – the 29-year-old told Insider – And so in my head, I knew it wasn’t that». The girl wanted to investigate that lump and wanted to undergo an ultrasound, even after her doctor told her she was too young to be a cancer. «He didn’t even want to have an ultrasound. I had to keep asking for it. I told him: ‘I really need to have an ultrasound because I’m really worried about it’».

A few days later the girl goes to a center to do an echo and immediately realizes that something is wrong, looking at the doctor’s face. «He continued to examine it with his little magic wand, and he continued to look at the screen. They aren’t allowed to tell you anything, but from that look on his face I could just tell she wasn’t right».

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I results indicated a high probability of cancer and a biopsy later confirmed this. She was told that she had invasive ductal cancer. However, the doctors told her that the disease had probably already spread due to the size of the tumor. But as she was pregnant, they weren’t able to find out for sure as they needed a PET scan, which is impossible to do in pregnancy. due to the radioactive tracers used in the scan, which can expose unborn babies to radiation.

Stage 4 cancer

At that point theGritton’s pregnancy was induced a week later, three weeks before her due date. After Lindsey, who lives in Georgia, United States, gave birth, it was confirmed that she had stage 4 breast cancer and the disease had spread to the liver. Lindsey started chemotherapy two weeks later. Gritton is confident that every three weeks she will have a course of chemotherapy to follow for 4 months.

The girl becomes a social star

Now, the girl hopes that chemo will be able to eliminate the rest of the cancer, with recent scans showing that 80% have disappeared and in the meantime urges other women to stand up for themselves, especially when they are worried about their health. . «If I hadn’t defended myself, I don’t even think I’d be here today. Because from what they told me with my blood test and all, my liver was already failing»,

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