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Taking care of your eyes also means prevention

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Keeping the body in good health is a gesture of love towards oneself, which brings benefits to the quality of one’s life.
For the well-being of your body, it is strongly recommended to take care of your health in the round, implementing primary and secondary prevention.
This means, first and foremost, assuming a correct lifestyle, which favors the maintenance of a healthy body.
This translates into simple, good habits which, however, help to avoid the onset of pathologies: for example, having a balanced diet and constant physical activity are an excellent way to keep weight under control (obesity is one of the triggering factors of some pathologies) and have positive repercussions on the musculoskeletal and circulatory system.
In addition, exercise also helps to relieve stress, another factor that negatively affects the quality of life.
Limiting alcoholic beverages and quitting smoking are further important steps in maintaining your well-being.
At the same time, it is necessary to carry out periodic checks, to make sure that there are no latent disorders and pathologies.

In this regard, however, the attention paid to the eyes is often underestimated, delicate organs which, like the rest of the body, require periodic screening, aimed at ensuring their proper functioning.

Eye prevention, when to start

You can start performing vision checks right from the start since childhood.
In the first months of the child’s life, it is sufficient to carry out a quick screening, and then to make a real visit between 2.3 years old.
In fact, at this age, although rare, there may be serious diseases, especially congenital, such as, for example, strabismus, refractive defects, lazy eye and more rarely congenital cataracts.
It is important to identify and correct any visual disturbances early, to avoid a reduction in the child’s vision; for example, the lazy eye, which after six years of age, becomes irreversible, if treated in time, is a solvable problem.
Periodic checks therefore make it possible to promptly intervene on any visual defects.

If the child’s eyesight is healthy, it is not necessary to carry out annual checks; it is, however, a good idea to continue to make periodic checks, at least in view of the start of school. Usually, it is still useful to observe your children and teenagers, to notice any visual difficulties.

Beware of the sight of teenagers

To keep the health of the sight of the youngest in good condition, it is good practice to carry out periodic visual checks or, in any case, in the event that particular difficulties are noticed in them.
For example, if you notice that your children get too close to objects, often complain of headaches, have difficulty in reading and writing, or deviate the eye (in a constant or inconstant way), it is good to have them subjected to an eye examination.
This is also very useful for early diagnosis of keratoconus.
It is a genetically determined disease, which occurs mainly during adolescence.
If diagnosed at the onset of the first symptoms, it can be stopped thanks to a simple and quick treatment, the cross linking.
By subjecting a child to a corneal topography, it is also possible to understand if he is suffering from keratoconus.

In adolescence, then, with the increase of the study, problems such as myopia and visual fatigue are more likely to develop, to which the devices used also contribute, whose use has significantly increased with the advent of DAD.
Prolonged activity on small screens, in fact, can create visual discomfort, but not only: screens, in general, release ultraviolet rays which, while not participating in sight, over time can cause damage to all components of the eyes, especially to the retina.

Over 60: periodic screening to feel good

After the age of development, with the entry into adulthood, it is possible that some disorders may occur: also in this case, periodic screening can avoid, or delay, the appearance of visual disturbances.

The same goes for people over 60. Over the years, in fact, age-related pathologies can arise, due to the inevitable deterioration of the ocular structures; the onset of a cataract, or more delicate pathologies affecting the retinal surface, can compromise the quality of the patient’s vision and, consequently, his health.
Another serious and rather frequent pathology, not to be underestimated, is glaucoma, which usually does not manifest any symptoms.
This is why prevention is important, since it allows you to act quickly and resolve, or limit, the problems that have arisen.

Prevention for all

Precisely to preserve the good health of the eyes, Blue Eye, an ophthalmological center of excellence, promotes the prevention in June and July: Paying due attention to your eyes is important.
Blue Eye provides professionalism and innovative technologies to carry out accurate and effective checks for everyone, young and old.

Children are given great attention: after an eye examination, in fact, they are entrusted to the orthoptists of the clinic, in order to perform an orthoptic evaluation and exclude any strabismus, ocular motility defects and amblyopia. Here it is considered whether it will be necessary to subject the young patients to any rehabilitation therapies.

Diagnostic tests are performed at the Blue Eye Centers, which can be grouped into three main types: anterior segment exams, posterior segment exams and refractive exams, each with its own specific function.

Blue Eye also stands out thanks to the use of latest generation technologies, which from this year, on the occasion of the opening of the new Milan office, were implemented and networked with each other.
In this way, it is possible to retrieve the reports directly on the server and consult them from any diagnostic station, even in the operating theaters.
Furthermore, the pre-visit: a highly qualified orthoptist, in fact, immediately takes care of the patients, subjecting them to the necessary tests for the eye examination.
Thus, the ophthalmologist immediately has very useful data, which help to define individual cases, allowing, in a short time, to make a diagnosis.

Prevention, this year, does not go on vacation: it is already possible book your own check at the nearest Blue Eye office.
Reservations can be made through the website, or by calling the number 02.89012307 (347.4015010 only for messages via WhatsApp) for the headquarters of Milano and 039.699951 (375.6052392 only for messages via WhatsApp) for Vimercate.


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