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Taranto, scuffle between the police and a courier – Senator Cucchi to the mayor: ‘Report passers-by so they don’t testify. Is it democracy?’

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We have received and published the letter from the Italian Left MP addressed to the mayor of the Ionian capital on the case of the man pinned to the ground by two municipal police officers: “I ask you if this is the model of the rule of law which inspires you and the his administration”

After yesterday’s article of Everyday occurrencewe receive and publish the letter from the senator Ilaria Cucchi on the events that took place a Taranto last March 14th. The fact has dedicated an article to the video that resumes the scuffle between two policemen and one couriergrounded after taking a fine for Do not stop. To our newspaper then the commissioner of the local police of Taranto Cosimo Ciraci he said: “The agents feared that the man, who was already with the van in motion, he would reverse gear to escape by taking the opposite road with the dangers for passers-by that could derive from it. So the firefighters were forced to get him out of the van. (…) They decided to put him in custody, and they did well”. L’assessor he also added that there won’t be any punishment for agents. So here are the words that Senator Cucchi addresses to mayor of Taranto.

Dear Mayor of Taranto,
Regarding the fact relating to the courier blocked by your police, I ask you if this is the model of rule of law which inspires it You and your administration.
We’ve all seen that video where the mode exaggeratedly violent actions carried out to ‘immobilise’ a frail boy guilty of having incorrectly parked the van on which he was working.
I am familiar, I assure you, with images of violence. I had to take note of the ridicule legal justifications and in fact proposed by his councilor in defense of the policemen who intervened. Escape attempts, a precedent against the man, etc. All this would justify grounding in the most way bloody (and repeatedly sanctioned peremptorily by the ECHR) of that guy who was just working.
I am very sorry about her assessor but I only see in those images a van parked in front of a car and not blocked by the patrols. I see a boy being dragged out of the cockpit by three men much bigger than him. I see and hear his terror and I see, above all, the indignation of the people who witness the scene. It’s not about autonomous. It’s not about anarchists. These are not terrorists but ordinary young and middle-aged people. Some even older.
Normal people like us who has the only fault of not staying indifferent to such a show. Who does not turn away but protests in a civilized way inviting his agents to calm down. To come back to himself.
Now I read, according to schemes now to me you are very well known, that you want to denounce that young man but this is not enough for you. you want report even those ordinary people, young, middle-aged and elderly, for having hindered “the work of the police”.
It seems logical to me: those ordinary people are testimony which can be inconvenient since they have expressed their entirety indignation. If they are investigated they will not be able to witness. Those who have been identified do not understand to what end. The others will be careful not to come forward to avoid trouble analogues.
That boy will have to be convicted of being afraid so everything will be okay. Second script.
And the work of his watch out will be able to remain immune from censorship.
I am wrong? I hope so with all my heart.
But I ask you: is this your model of legalitysafety and respect for rights humans?
Is this really? This is called for you Democracy?
All the best, Mayor.
Ilaria Cucchi

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