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“Tasty, sweet or salty and crunchy” – but it ruins the brain

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“Tasty, sweet or salty and crunchy” – but it ruins the brain

Knowing how to take care of your health means first of all knowing how to eat. Understanding what is being put on the plate and in the shopping cart, egchoose so as not to give in to an easy and immediate tastewhich often hides among the worst pitfalls for the body and mind. On FoodCulture we have already talked about how knowing how to distinguish the different types of sugar and how certain industrial foods trigger what our body takes for endless inflammation, consuming itself in fighting it. New food research highlights the damage that eating ultra-processed foods causes to the brain (see here).

What if we had to radically change our eating habits? (Photo Cottobro / Pexels)

What are we talking about

Tasty in an immediate and irresistible way, i ultra-processed foods are those that are preferred for quick breaks and snacks in which we “reward” ourselves, detaching from the daily chores that put us under pressure and stress. The term ultraprocessed foods refers to industrial foods products with more than 5 ingredients and flavored with elements such as maltodextrins, sweeteners, flavor stabilizers, hydrogenated fats and hydrolyzed proteins. We find them in most of the industrial ice creams, in sugary yogurts or with fruit flavors, in ready-made sauces, in hamburgers and precooked foods, in fruit squashes, salty snacks and cured meats. As you can see, foods of great popularity. It was a team ofUniversity of Sao Paulo, Brazil, including Dr. Claudia Suemototo demonstrate in a recent study how this type of food leads to early brain degradation.

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What do we put in the sandwich? (Photo Pexels)

You eat, taste but the brain is “marked”

The Brazilian food study showed that, in a sample of 10 thousand peoplethose who routinely ate ultraprocessed foods encountered a 28% more brain degradation than those who make other choices at the table. In particular, the areas of the mind that combine information to make a consecutive decision were affected.

“I love tasty crap” (Photo Kampus Producion / Pexels)

This is because of a systemic inflammation which ends up clouding the brain. A study that reinforces what has already been shown by other similar research: too many sugars or salts in the body facilitate intestinal and mental diseases. And you know, those are the two brains that each of us has.

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Computers, consoles and junk food: dangerous combination (Photo Alexa Darmel / Pexels)

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