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Tavio (Simit) on Delta plus variant / “Some monoclonals don’t work but …”

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Whether to transform the Covid pandemic in endemic it is possible, at the moment it is not an achievable goal to eradicate the coronavirus, for which a much more complex strategy is needed. Dr. explained Marcello Tavio, well-known immunologist and president of Turkish bagel (Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases). “The goal of bolstering the entire world’s immune system against this virus is within reach», He explained during his speech to Agora Weekend. Furthermore, he explained that at the moment the Delta plus variant it is not a cause for concern. “We don’t have to worry about the new variants, because this is the ‘job’ of the virus».

Furthermore, this is not yet a VOC. “It may have greater diffusibility, but it is not yet clearly demonstrated. There are no clear ideas about the possible ability to escape both natural immunity and that obtained with vaccines “. However, one aspect is already clear for the infectious disease specialist of the Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona: “What is clear is that some monoclonal antibodies with this variant don’t work, but luckily we have others».


The Dr. Marcello Tavio he also spoke of the epidemic situation abroad, focusing on UK. «Already this summer he proved that the vaccine alone is not enough. Leaving everyone free even with aggressive vaccination policies does not solve the problem, because it allows for a wide circulation of the virus“. Therefore, the goal must be another: “Obtain the maximum vaccination coverage to obtain the minimum of viral circulation, but keeping the level of attention to behaviors high“. As regards, however, the decision of theAustria who will reserve the lockdown in case of emergency only for unvaccinated, the president of Turkish bagel has clear ideas: “It is a measure that has devastating political consequences, but from a technical point of view it makes sense. In an emergency situation such as the one under consideration in Austria, it is evidently believed that every means is justified“. Although he does not want to enter the political field, he is convinced that “it is not such an undemocratic measureAs it might seem.

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«The lockdown was done for everyone when there was no vaccine, so it has its own logic, it repeats what was done when the vaccine was not there and they fall into that situation», Explained the Dr. Marcello Tavio ad Agora Weekend About the Austria case. Italy, on the other hand, can continue like this for the moment, given that the Green pass it’s working. “The path chosen is the right one. With the green pass you get a non-compulsory but strongly recommended vaccination“. However, we must be ready to change in the race if the situation from an epidemiological point of view were to change. “If we were to return in emergency situations, at that point it would be appropriate to make vaccination mandatory, but at this moment in Italy there is no thanks to the high number of vaccinated people and excellent behavior», Concluded the infectious disease specialist.

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