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TCL 55C635 4K TV, the proof: how are you doing, strengths and weaknesses

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TCL 55C635 4K TV, the proof: how are you doing, strengths and weaknesses

Circa 700 euros for a 55 “TV and about 1000 euros for a 65 “TV: these are more or less the average entrance thresholds for the two most common sizes of smart televisions and 4K resolution. Of course, you can also spend (much) more than that, but sometimes you can also spend less.

This is the case of the new tvs presented by Xiaomi in Paris (photo) and this is the case of the TCL 55C635 QLED 4K object of our test: among the innovations announced last April by the Chinese company, it is arriving on the Italian market and should cost around 550 euros. For this figure we take home a UHD LED panel with a resolution up to 3840×2160, compatible with the HDR 10+ standard (but with a refresh rate still at 60 Hz) and above all Google TV operating system, which in our opinion remains the one to be preferred.

The TV is not excessively heavy and is well maneuverable: we placed it on a mezzanine, taking it up a not too steep but narrow staircase, and we had no difficulty. The support base is adjustable on two positions (for the narrowest you need 64 centimeters) and the TV is equipped with two remote controls, even if we did not understand the usefulness of the second, which in fact we did not use.

One thing we liked instead is the audio system created in collaboration with Onkyo: it is Dolby Atmos certified, delivers 20W of power and allowed us to do without the soundbar that we used together with the previous TV.

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The latest TVs tested on Italian Tech

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Configuration and use: as seen in the TCL 55C635

The start-up procedure was all in all simple: both remote controls are equipped with batteries, that’s enough connect your Google account to TV to see it populate with your favorite apps (from Netflix to Disney Plus, from Amazon to YouTube and Rai Play), start the automatic channel search and then you can start watching. Even if first it is some setup needed image quality: we noticed a better rendering by deactivating the Standard mode and the Energy Saving, so as to appreciate more the HDR and the possibilities offered by 4K.

The panel always remains very bright, which is a common feature of UHD TVs: it can be slightly annoying in darker environments, but working up to the settings it is not difficult to find the calibration that works best for your eyes. For the rest, little to say: the image quality is always very high with 4K and HDR content (recognized by streaming platforms), blacks remain very intense and upscaling works well, so much so that HD content is perceived better as well. Placebo effect? Maybe yes, maybe not, but it’s still pleasing to the eye.

The TV is equipped (among other things) with 3 HDMI sockets, all 2.1: at one of the 3 we have connected the Xbox X miraculously bought last Christmasso you can enjoy not only the higher resolution of the panel, but also reduced response times and features such as the Allm (the abbreviation stands for Auto Low Latency Mode), which automatically puts the TV in Game Mode.

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The area of ​​the rear connectors

The area of ​​the rear connectors


Xiaomi Soundbar 3.1, the test of Italian Tech

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In conclusion: to buy or not?

As you understand, we liked this TCL TV: it is easy to configure, it has Google software, it looks very good, it costs the right amount. It’s perfect? Obviously not: does not reach 120 Hz (but at this price it is difficult to expect it), in the remote corners of the software there is some translation that is a bit funny (like the one on “push notifications”) and we could not understand where the Google Film app is hidden, which is there and can be used but you don’t know where it is. Honestly, these are trifles, which do not change our positive opinion on this device.

A detail of the audio system made with Onkyo, which pleasantly surprised us

A detail of the audio system made with Onkyo, which pleasantly surprised us

What we liked

  • Quality of panel
  • Value for money
  • Good yield audio

What we didn’t like

  • Some bug at the software level

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