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Technology, work and women

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There are a lot of jobs available around the world. For engineers, above all, better if they are experts in software, or data, or artificial intelligence and computer security. The first problem is that there aren’t enough of them. The second is that those who are there are mostly men. This means that even if in a short time we managed to train more experts in those subjects – which we will have to do – we would have widened the enormous gap that exists in the world of work between men and women. In a nutshell: women who work are less, less paid and occupy less important positions. It already is, but it could be worse. In fact, when we talk about these available jobs, we are not just talking about jobs, but about skilled, very well-paid jobs with career opportunities. The future rich and happy if you pass me the expression a bit ‘trite. Then there are the others, such as the delivery boys who deliver parcels of various types to us at home, visually checked by an algorithm, where the limit with exploitation is often exceeded.

There is a need, we have been saying for some time, for more young women to understand that technology can also be their world. There is no reason why it shouldn’t be. There is a story of great women in technology: few, but very great. AND yesterday a video was released that tries to tell how this thing is true even today: a well-deserved non-profit organization, Girls Who Code, girls who program computers did it; we see a series of women, dressed up and very feminine, with their qualifications of technological experts alongside. These videos sometimes have the opposite effect and are criticized by women, but let’s stick to the fundamental message. The best jobs of the future, indeed of the present, increasingly have an important technological component: if we are really interested in building a better world, we cannot do without women.

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