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Telefono Azzurro, 50% of young people are on social networks 2-3 hours a day

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Telefono Azzurro, 50% of young people are on social networks 2-3 hours a day

50% of 12- to 18-year-olds spend two to three hours a day on social media and chatting. A growing figure compared to 2018 when they were 43%. This is what emerges from the relationship between reality and the Metaverse. Adolescents and parents in the digital world is developed by Telefono Azzurro and presented in Milan, on the occasion of Safer Internet Day, the world day dedicated to the conscious and responsible use of the Internet.

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The connection

14% of those interviewed spend four to six hours a day on social media and chat, 4% more than six hours a day and 3% are always connected.

As far as gender is concerned, small differences emerge: compared to the average, 44% of boys say they are online for two to three hours a day and 24% one hour a day, while for the female gender 55% from two at three hours and 17% one hour a day.

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There are also differences with respect to age, if 23% of 12-14 year olds are online for one hour a day, 15-18 year olds from four to six hours a day. 35% of teens say they stay up late at night and have trouble sleeping due to time spent online. For parents, the average is around 2-3 hours a day.

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Too much time on social media changes teenagers’ brains

by Giuseppe Lavenia

Online friendships

93% of those interviewed use social networks to see content from friends and the majority are girls. 80% want to see content from celebrities or sports and 76% from influencers. 71%, mostly girls, use social media to read news, 66% to post content and 63% to see content that refers to a brand. The smartphone is the most used tool for staying online, specifically by 93%.

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