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Telephone and email contacts of public and private executives for sale on the DarkWeb

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Almost four thousand – 3887 to be precise – telephone and email contacts of public and private executives for sale on the DarkWeb: Cert Yoroi – an Italian IT security company – has identified a set of data relating to executives of Italian companies in the banking and insurance sectors in underground cyber-criminal environments.

Yoroi, who recently obtained the highest security certification from CERT – CyberSecurity Italia, explains that these data could be subject to fraud attempts or cyber attacks based on social engineering in the coming weeks. The risk is that they become the target of the so-called Ceo-fraud, the scam of managers, also known as Bec, in which, starting from a series of personal data, criminals are able to impersonate the legitimate holders of the e-mail accounts to defraud the chosen victims.

For this reason, Cert Yoroi invites you to alert the staff of banks and insurance companies to unexpected emails, to verify your contacts and to respond carefully to unexpected phone calls, finally to report suspicious messages and requests to the internal security bodies of your company.

the list

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by Arturo Di Corinto

The phenomenon of email scams is in fact on the rise and according to the FBI it produced 1.8 billion dollars in damages to companies in 2020 alone, more than the proceeds of ransomware-based ransomware. Last August, thanks to Europol investigations, 23 suspects were indicted following a series of Bec scams carried out simultaneously in 20 countries – the Netherlands, Romania, Ireland and others -. who defrauded dozens of companies for around 1 million euros.

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Finally, Yoroi recommends maintaining a high level of awareness of employees and customers, periodically alerting them to ongoing threats and using a team of experts to safeguard the security of the cyber perimeter.

The attack on the Lazio Region started from the PC of an employee in smartworking

by Arturo Di Corinto, Bruno Ruffilli


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