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Temporary work in care must be based on quality and trust

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Temporary work in care must be based on quality and trust

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The use of temporary work in care prevents the collapse of the German health system. Demands for a ban on the use of temporary work in hospitals and care facilities are not very effective, as they prevent a constructive discussion about the existing challenges. Rather, what we currently need in Germany is a debate about how all stakeholders can contribute to making the healthcare system fit for the future. This is what the company initiative “Temporary work ensures care” stands for.

Temporary work makes an indispensable contribution to maintaining an efficient health system in Germany. This is all the more true as the need for specialists in the field of nursing and care for the elderly has increased significantly in recent years.

The dissatisfaction of institutions with the use of temporary workers is often based on high time and economic pressure when filling shifts and a lack of direct contact with the personnel service providers. However, these experiences should not be projected onto the entire industry. Instead of calling for restrictions and bans, there needs to be a constructive and trusting relationship between personnel service providers and hospitals and care facilities.

From the point of view of the company initiative “Temporary work ensures care”:

  • Transparency with regard to qualifications and experience based on degrees, certificates and certificates is the basis of mutual trusting cooperation. We commit ourselves to this towards the companies using them. Regular monitoring of these requirements by the responsible authorities creates additional security.
  • Only personal contact between the assignment company and the personnel service provider ensures that the individual needs of the different facilities are served in a tailor-made manner. We reject the use of purely digital placement platforms for the deployment of personnel, since the quality criteria of the assignment companies and the personnel service providers are not sufficiently taken into account and purely monetary decision-making criteria lead to the filling of a vacancy. This procedure prevents the consulting service from being used for the strategic use of flexible personnel provision, although this is a mandatory part of cooperation between the assignment companies, personnel service providers and employees.
  • The proactive poaching of permanent staff by personnel service providers in hospitals and care facilities is rejected.
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the nursing profession should always be supported, regardless of whether this is done in the permanent workforce or on a temporary basis. We advocate rewarding the sustainable use of staff in the health care system and suggest appropriate structural reforms. In the care sector, reforms must create framework conditions for a personnel-centred HR system.
  • We are available to participate in the training and qualification of nursing staff, as demonstrated by a first pilot project.
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The members of the company initiative “Temporary work ensures care” stand for the competence and quality of temporary work in care. Your employees have appropriate qualifications, support the permanent staff in a targeted manner and thus ensure the high level of care in clinics and care facilities in Germany. This relieves permanent staff in care and counteracts migration to other professions, which suits the facilities. The personnel challenges in the healthcare sector can only be solved together.

Die Company initiative “Temporary work ensures care” is an association of personnel and health service providers who send specialists to care facilities and hospitals. These companies would like to draw attention to the great importance of the use of temporary workers, which is so important and necessary for many facilities. They have therefore decided to get involved and to take part in the political discourse in close cooperation with the temporary work associations. They can draw on many years of experience in the care sector and are happy to share their expertise. The initiative is open to other companies specializing in care.

Press contact:

Company initiative “Temporary work ensures care”
Press contact: Björn Sacknieß
Tel. 0151 54406546

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