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Tesla accused: “Its autonomous driving does less than announced”

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Tesla accused: “Its autonomous driving does less than announced”

New indictment for Tesla: Now, according to the powerful California auto agency (DMV), Musk’s automaker is lying about the true self-driving capabilities of its cars. And to challenge the fact, he filed a complaint with a state administrative court.


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The news was re-launched by the Los Angeles Times and according to official documents from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Tesla “made or spread false or misleading statements that were not based on facts”. According to the document cited by the Californian newspaper, Tesla’s cars have never been able to “operate as autonomous vehicles and cannot do so today”. This is not a small problem because on the official Tesla website you can read almost the opposite: with an “advertising” language you try to make customers understand that Tesla have more autonomous driving possibilities than the real ones.


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It seems the usual question of advertising information (even if Tesla never advertises) but the matter is very serious and could have serious consequences, up to the revocation of the licenses that authorize Tesla to produce or sell its cars in California. Not only that: autonomous driving for Tesla is almost a flag, a technological fetish to be waved to the four winds to demonstrate the hi-tech superiority of the brand. In fact, we recall that in June the same Elon Musk had stressed the importance of completely autonomous driving for the company, adding that without it the value of the company would be “close to zero”.

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Meanwhile, again due to autonomous driving software, the 273 accidents in the United States have put Tesla on the dock of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Nhtsa), which is investigating the US manufacturer’s driver assistance system. The report covers vehicles equipped with so-called level 2 software, which can accelerate or decelerate the car and turn the steering wheel if necessary, but require an attentive driver ready to take back control at any time. In total, Tesla models accounted for nearly 70% of the 392 reported accidents among self-driving cars, nearly all between July 2021 and mid-May 2022, according to NHTSA. The investigation goes on.

The case

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