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Test to enter medicine, everything changes: news 2022, revolution 2023

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Test to enter medicine, everything changes: news 2022, revolution 2023

No more tricky quizzes, no more concorsone nightmare: the test to enter medicine changes. In September, the more than 60,000 students who want to take the very long road to become a doctor will no longer run into the “surprise questions”. And from 2023 the quiz will definitely disappear. “The programmed number will remain”, explains university minister Cristina Messa, “but instead of the quiz, a tailor-made course will come”. So the September 2022 test will still be very similar to that of previous years, in person and on paper, but with some adjustments. Then the following year the news is radical.

To enter what is perhaps the most coveted university faculty, from September it will be possible to do without the part of general culture, which will be absent or greatly reduced. In his post a quiz of logical reasoning, a part dedicated to the numerical one and another on the humanities. The second disciplinary part will instead concern questions on physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics. Farewell to the “all-rounder” that has held back so many candidates in the past years. Then in 2023 there will be a real long-term path: in fact, it will be possible to start already in the fourth year of high school with free online courses prepared by universities and self-assessment tests. Until then you get to a Tolc exam (CISIA OnLine Test) that you can do even twice a year in the last two years of high school. The best result of the tests performed will then be included in the national ranking and the attempt to enter the faculty is done.

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“Thanks to the commitment of the parliament and the intense work carried out in the commission together with the Minister of Mass, the mechanism for selecting candidates for limited number degree courses, including that for the faculty of medicine, is destined to change as early as 2022 “: this is explained in a note by Manuel Tuzi (M5s), Daniele Belotti (Lega), Rosa Maria Di Giorgi (PD), Valentina Aprea (FI), Simona Vietina (CI), Gabriele Toccafondi (IV). “As already announced by the minister, starting from 2023 the entry test to the medical faculty in September will be eliminated and replaced by a path that will start already in the fourth year of high school, with free courses and preventive tests based on use of the Tolc tests. A concrete turning point in terms of accessibility for candidates to which will be added the innovations envisaged by the resolution that we presented last week and which concern the current year “.

That’s not all. “Among the main objectives, always with a view to meeting the real needs of candidates – continue the parliamentarians – we increase the places in medicine by meeting the structural shortcomings of doctors in our country, guaranteeing a one-to-one relationship between accesses and number of doctors who will be trained to guarantee a sufficient number of specialists and general practitioners. We revise the path without the medicine test but with a stronger and more aware path, providing free Mooc courses, online exercises and online courses usable on national and international platforms. This is a series of interventions that can be carried out in a short time to offer a clear response to the needs of our children and make university careers with limited numbers truly accessible in every respect “.

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