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[TGS 21]”FF VII THE FIRST SOLDIER” new style “Ninja” demo report

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A special live broadcast of Ateam Entertainment Inc. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Nakauchi) and Square Enix Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Yosuke Matsuda), a subsidiary of Ateam Group, broadcast yesterday In the program, it was announced that the smart phone game “FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER” jointly developed with the goal of the global market is expected to be available for play in November 2021, and pre-login will be available in mid-October. In addition, the program also revealed new occupations, the latest game screens, and adjustments based on the results of the questionnaire after the closed test conducted in June.

This game is expected to be open to play in November 2021, and pre-login will be available in mid-October

In the special live program “”FINAL FANTASY VII THE FIRST SOLDIER” TGS2021″ broadcast at 16:30 (Taiwan time) on October 3 (Sun), the official announcement that the game is expected to be open to play in November 2021. Pre-login will be opened in mid-October.

Features of this game and the latest trailer

This game is a battle royale game with a world view of “FINAL FANTASY VII”. Players need to play against up to 75 people as alternate soldiers and try to survive to the end.

The stage of the game is set in Midgar before “FINAL FANTASY VII”. The map incorporates scenes familiar to FINAL FANTASY VII players such as the slums, churches, and Gurügenwei mansion in District V. In addition to the enemy’s alternate soldiers, monsters that appear outside the town will also become a threat to the player. The diversified tactics combined with the combination of guns, swords, and magic, as well as the upgrade system that accumulates experience points to defeat monsters, will bring a rich game experience beyond the limitations of the battle royale type to this game.

New information disclosed in the special live broadcast

In the live broadcast, not only the new job information and many adjustments including the support joystick were disclosed, but the latest game screen was also displayed.

Adjustments based on the results of the questionnaire after the test

This game has been in closed testing in June 2021. Under the supervision of Nomura Tetsu, the creative director of the “Final Fantasy VII” series, the development team made the following adjustments for the game based on the results of the closed questionnaire.

  • Support game joystick
    Even players who are not good at manipulating virtual joysticks can play the game comfortably.
  • Additional training mode
    Can confirm the use of each firearm and magic spar in detail, and draw up the most suitable combat method.
  • Update novice teaching
    In a concise and clear way, players who are playing battle royale games for the first time can easily master the control methods.
  • Added collection function
    The “shards” obtained through secret treasure chests or killing monsters can be used to exchange appearances.

Additional new occupation “Ninja”

In this game, players can choose a career according to their preferences. In addition to the “warriors”, “magic”, “monks” and “rangers” that appeared in the closed beta, a new class “ninja” has also been added. The ninja’s close-range weapon is the shuriken, which pays great attention to mobility and concealment, so he is very good at fighting on the fly.

  • image

4Gamer demo report

What I prepared that day was the Android version under development. In an environment with a similar design to the official version, I experienced about an hour of playing time, including teaching for beginners. The following will bring you a demo report of the author.


Re-introducing again, 30 years ago, as a description of the story of “FINAL FANTASY VII”, Shinra was held as a Shinra warrior training program for the survival battle of the candidates for the Shinra warrior. The game is launched from a third-person perspective. Needless to say, physical battles using firearms or melee weapons will also launch offensive and defensive with FFVII-style abilities.

The closed beta has also been held, and there have been reports of relevant demo impressions, but this time the trial version has added a new “ninja” style. In addition, this version also corresponds to the game controller, and the trial play is carried out while the game screen is output to the screen.

At the beginning of the game, players will be prepared for a fairly reliable novice teaching, and basic operations or movements can be learned here. Needless to say, shooting or melee attacks, because you can also experience the “magic” that can be performed by picking up “Materia”, and the “Summoned Beast” summoned by “Summon Materia” running towards the wall, “Parkour”, which runs and jumps while jumping, uses the “GIL (ギル)” (money) picked up on the way to purchase props and other unique elements of the game. The design can quickly enter the situation even for novices.

  • image

    The training ground mainly prepares novice teaching related to operation

  • image

    Practical teaching on the battlefield

The battle royale will wait for the players to arrive in the lobby and land from the helicopters above the map one by one. Since the helicopters are operated individually rather than shared, they can jump out of the helicopter and land at any place. Since the shadows of nearby helicopters can be seen, it is also one of the basic tactics to confirm the landing positions of nearby players in advance.

  • image

    Can be landed anywhere from the helicopter.Sometimes it’s night like this

Needless to say, the purpose of the game is to survive to the end among all the Shinra fighters participating in the training. Run on the map to prepare weapons, magic spar, accessories and other equipment and props. At the same time, fight against the enemy and survive to the end in the training range that will gradually shrink over time. This is similar to other battle royale-style action games. same.

On the other hand, in addition to the offense and defense using the above-mentioned abilities, the characteristics, abilities, and skills of the Shinra warrior’s “style” (equivalent to the profession in the FF series) are determined by the characteristics, abilities, and skills, as well as the ability to defeat enemies and monsters. Get experience points to gradually upgrade these aspects are very style of this work.

  • image

    In order to survive, remember to fight against monsters and upgrade your level beforehand. In the picture is a familiar face from the FF series ── Fireball (ボム).Defeat it before it explodes

  • image

    FFVII-like leader ── Guard Scorpion
    The reward given after defeating this powerful enemy is also very interesting

  • image

    Including the ninja who joined this time, there are five styles you can choose

The ninja chosen this time has “Acrobatics (軽業)” (style characteristics) that can jump in two stages, and “Invisibility (かくれる)” (ability) that keeps the enemy invisible for a period of time. The movement speed will be at a certain speed when damaged “Escape (Escape)” (skill) that rises in time. Can play with opponents with flexibility and agility that other styles do not have.

The invisibility does not completely disappear, it will show a group of weak flame special effects in the eyes of the opponent. But even so, if you can fool yourself in the battle royale, you must be able to show off in all kinds of situations.

In the closed test, some players responded that one of the styles “Warrior (ソルジャー)” was too strong, and the development team also re-adjusted the overall balance of the style.

For example, in this version, clicking the squat button twice can use “dodge roll (ドッジロール)”, which enables it to make a melee attack and fire a counterattack.

  • image

    The ninja’s melee weapon is like the cross shuriken held by Yufu

  • image

    “Acrobatics” can climb high places faster than other styles

  • image

    After using “invisibility”, the body will become transparent for a period of time
    From the opponent’s point of view, it will only be a state of faint flames

This game for smartphones only uses clicks to operate the interface. If it is transferred to a game controller, it will feel a little complicated because of the use of many buttons, but the operation itself has no sense of contradiction. It is also expected to be compatible with game controllers when the official operation starts. This is also very exciting.

At present, after receiving the feedback of the closed test, it is in full development towards the official operation. It is very much looking forward to the next time to play.

  • image

    There are also means of transportation such as chocobos or locomotives prepared for movement

  • image

    If you stand on the player’s side, you can show its overwhelmingly powerful summoned beast

  • image

    As a basic offensive and defensive shootout, it is of course also made very realistic


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