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TGS2021 “Koei Tecmo” offline exhibition to experience the beautiful thriller of the remake version of “Zero~The Raven Maiden~”-funglr Games

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Held from September 30 (Thu) to October 3 (Sun), 2021, the “Tokyo Game Show 2021 Online“(Following: TGS2021 Online).
Koei Tecmo“Of course there is no absence, the online broadcast “TGS2021 Koei Techmo Special Program”Published in the programSophie’s Atelier 2 ~The magician of incredible dreams~“The production news also caused a sensational topic.
For offline venues, Koei Tecmo prepared “Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires》《BLUE REFLECTION TIE/帝》《Zero ~ The Witch of the Crow ~》A trial area where 3 pre-sale games are expected to be released.
This time the author experienced “Zero ~ The Witch of the Crow ~“. The remake of “Zero~The Witch of the Crow~”, which was released for Wii U in 2014, is finally comingListed on October 28

Try out the reborn “Zero~The Miko of Raven~” on PS5

“Zero~The Witch of the Crow~” demo booth
funglr Games
The main visual board above the demo stage of
The main visual board above the demo table of “Zero~The Witch of the Crow~”.Very pretty
funglr Games

The author, who has always kept a distance from horror games, has never played the Wii U version of “Zero~The Witch of the Crow~”.
but,“Zero” seriesIt is also a 20-year-old work. Even if I haven’t played it myself, the author used to watch Niconico’s animation live from “Zero ~ The Mask of Lunar Eclipse ~“The beginning of the series, although indirect contact, makes people feel very familiar.
But because of this, I felt very scared before trying it out! Experience this Japanese-style horror adventure, find the truth of the incident and use the camera to shoot the ghost with full aura. Is there any way I can sustain it?

This remastered version of “Zero ~ Raven’s Miko~” supports Switch / PS5 / PS4 / XSX|S / XOne / Steam, and can be played on PC in addition to home consoles.Multi-platform supportIt is also a major highlight of this remake.
This series is almost exclusively sold on Nintendo consoles,It’s been 16 years since the last time “Zero~Tattoo Voice~” was released on the PS console in 2005.. PS5 is prepared for this demo area to experience this new and evolved beautiful picture opportunity.

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The author was already nervous in the cutscenes at the beginning of “Zero~The Witch of the Crow~”.The hand holding the controller is getting higher and higher
funglr Games
The familiar weapon in “Zero~The Witch of the Crow~”, the projectile machine has also been carefully reproduced
funglr Games

Regardless of the medium, it is a Japanese-style horror game that is spiritually terrifying. In the trial play of “Zero~The Witch of the Crow~”, the atmosphere of the dimly-lit house was more vivid in the PS5 specification.

The author who just feels the horror of the “Zero” series in the film is no longer enough. During the trial play, I was so scared that I could hardly move forward. I moved at the turtle speed from start to end. On the contrary, the movement was too slow and caused my stomachache to become a cocoon.
Because of the time limit for trial play and the vocal sound from the penetrating headphones in the exhibition hall, the author has the motivation to pass the initial game teaching stage.
This is an operating system full of various horror elements, such as the performance of spending time to reach out when taking props (randomly grabbed by the spirit), as well as the need to pay attention to the shaking of the hands of the player and the character and the shooting machine must be aimed at the attacker. Ling, these are challenging players to overcome their fears.
After the trial, I really felt the kind of horror game in this gameIt’s terrible, but I can only bite the bullet and move forward.

“Zero ~ Raven’s Witch ~” finally came to the battle with the spirit!The author was scared and leaned back
funglr Games
“Zero ~ Raven’s Witch ~” battle screen. afraid! But it’s not over if you don’t get closer to the projector.
funglr Games

One of the charms of the “Zero” series is an indispensable remake of a beautiful girl

When it comes to the charm of this series, it isA beautiful girl who is all over the countryNS.
The elements that have been acclaimed since the TECMO era can be seen in the “DEAD OR ALIVE” series or the “Wushuang” series. Of course, they are still amazing in the character performance of the remake version of “Zero~The Witch of the Crow~” .
Only beautiful girls can heal the scared soul in a horrible atmosphere, and add mystery and tension to the game. As an element of the series’ attention, it is also one of the focal points of this work.
The dressing function is also very substantial. There are also sunny swimsuits and cosplay costumes. Whether you want to change your mood or really can’t stand the horror atmosphere, changing your swimsuit may be a good choice.
In addition, the wet body performance that was highly rated before the remake, because the author was scared during the trial play and there was no room to confirm, but according to the overall performance, the set performance of the wet body part should be very expected.

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One of the protagonists of “Zero~The Witch of the Crow~” “Don’t Come to Fang Xili”.A beautiful girl who shows tradition and trust
funglr Games
Never betray the “Zero ~ The Witch of the Crow ~” series as a dress-up feature that fans are looking forward to.
funglr Games

Let’s wait for the finished product to be launched!

The luxurious list of trial games and the well-arranged offline exhibition hall can make people feel that this isKoei Tecmo
By the way, when you come to the booth, you can get the main visual folder of “Zero ~ The Witch of the Crow~”, as well as Si YanhuiShibusawa Kou Presidential Keyed Keyed
Congratulations to the presidentShibusawa Kou 40 weeks“andWon the “Japan Game Awards 2021 Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award”

Peripheral “Zero~Raven Maiden~” folder (left) “シブサワ・コウ” acrylic key ring (right)
funglr Games

This work is coming soonOctober 28, 2021On sale. Players who can’t wait to pre-order the download version as soon as possible, and wait for the arrival of the lifting of the ban!
For details of the game, please refer to the official website of “Zero~The Miko of the Crow~”.

© 2014-2021 Nintendo / Koei Tecmo Games
© 2014-2021 Koei Tecmo Games

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