Home Health That’s when it’s best to walk or run if we want to lose weight or stay fit

That’s when it’s best to walk or run if we want to lose weight or stay fit

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That’s when it’s best to walk or run if we want to lose weight or stay fit

Many have the good purpose of starting to exercise more. Others, on the other hand, have already started this path, but may still have doubts about the most suitable methods. In fact, there are different types of physical exercise that lead to different benefits.

In particular, many are wondering whether it is better to walk or run consistently to be able to lose weight and get fit. To answer this question, we must first understand our starting conditions and the time we have available. At the same time, it is important to understand what the differences are between these two activities.

The difference between the two activities

The difference between the two activities does not necessarily lie in the speed that is achieved. In fact, a brisk walk can keep roughly the same pace as a slow run. When we run, however, there are brief moments when we have to take both feet off the ground. This makes the exercise more tiring and more impacting on the body. Both positive and negative effects depend on this, but both running and walking are still aerobic activities.

As such, they would promote the health of the cardiovascular system and improve metabolism, helping us lose weight and stay healthier. In fact, being overweight is not only a line problem, it could also carry very serious health risks such as cancer.

Experts recommend doing at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity a day to get these benefits.

That’s when it’s best to walk or run if we want to lose weight or stay fit

Given the mechanical difference between running and walking, the former is more suitable for those who already do physical activity. In fact, there would be a risk of creating trauma if we do not carry out the correct movements. In addition, running puts more stress on the joints, especially if you are overweight. This is why, however, the ideal would be to have adequate shoes and practice on dirt and not on asphalt.

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At the same time, being a more intense activity, running allows us to reach our goals faster and by exercising for less time. However, if we have at least 40 minutes of time a day to devote ourselves to walking, we would still get decent results.

In particular, it is about fast walking, thus keeping a faster pace than walking. In addition, we can also include some uphill sections in the route. This can then prepare us for more intense activities, such as running.

So, finally here is when it is best to walk or run according to your conditions and your goals.

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