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that’s why it’s not a flu (and there’s no plan for fall)

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that’s why it’s not a flu (and there’s no plan for fall)

Omicron 5 tends to be underestimated. This is the risk that is run when the latest variant of the virus began to circulate, returning to increase infections throughout Italy. A new wave underway, this time in the summer. On the street we see fewer and fewer people wearing masks (on the other hand they are no longer mandatory) and the green pass, the green certification that represented proof of a negative swab or vaccination, is no longer mandatory.

Omicron, infections are growing: Covid department full in Pordenone, all positives isolated in one room

Omicron 5, 22 thousand victims in less than 5 months

The Omicron variant that has dominated the scene since January 31st with its sub-variants such as the last one – the very contagious Ba5 -, in less than 5 months has made almost 22 thousand victims, less than the previous waves but in any case triple the deaths that make a whole flu season. Therefore, to consider how the covid has become an influence is wrong. Especially in view of the autumn when the circulation of the virus will be higher and even if less pathogenic, Covid will hit even more fragile and elderly people, increasing the pressure on hospitals.

The plan for autumn?

It is not yet clear what direction the government will take in the fall. Will the green pass be restored? And the vaccines? The masks will be back. A plan is still missing, but the infections continue to grow. New flexible models are needed in hospital departments where there will be many positives, perhaps asymptomatic, to avoid blocking all other treatments by extending waiting lists even further. And also an ad hoc plan to enhance transport, when the offices will fill up much more than today, and new measures for schools, where, for example, the hypothesis of introducing ventilation systems, as other countries are doing, seems to be definitively closed.

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