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that’s why there is a relationship

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Depression is a mood disorder that can depend on various factors, one of these being a sedentary lifestyle, a physical condition that “damages health” and with which depression comes into contact. Let’s see why.

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The last two years will surely be remembered in the history of humanity for the “explosion” of the epidemic from Coronavirus (which we do not know for how long it will accompany us). This is what they will write in the history books.

But we will also remember these two long years because we have certainly never spent so much time indoors (except for video game nerds and a few other exceptions).

From one day to the next we found ourselves in the condition of having to stay fermi, without being able to go out and deprived of the freedom to do all the activities that usually accompany us in everyday life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized our lives, as well as our habits. And among the radical changes that have taken place we can mention “smart-working” and “distance learning”. Words that became the center of our new routine which, in both cases, led us to a major one sedentary lifestyle.

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One study investigated the effects of a sedentary lifestyle on depression

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Depression and anxiety have increased significantly during the lockdown period and, more generally, in the last two years, during which we have had (and still must) deal with continuous restrictions and precise behaviors to follow.

As I said before, one of the conditions that occurred most in this period was the sedentary lifestyle which, according to some studies, has also caused changes on the mental health.

According to some researchers, in fact, there is a close link between the longer time spent sitting and the increase in cases of depression.

Jacob Meyer, assistant professor of kinesiology at Iowa State University and lead author of the studio published onInternational Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, he has declared: “Sitting is a sneaky behavior, it’s something we always do without thinking about it”.

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The study was done by examining over 3,000 people from all corners of the United States.
Participants, during an interview, reported the time spent in sedentary and physical activities. Comparing it with the pre-Covid period. Then they indicated the change in their mental state as they started spending more time sitting. The results identified a relationship between a sedentary lifestyle and depression.

Almost a year later, the scholars contacted the participants for a follow-up and it emerged that, in an average period of 8 weeks, all had improved their health because they had become accustomed to the new lifestyle. However, those who continued to spend most of their time in sedentary activities had significantly less improvement in psychological well-being than other subjects.

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