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The 5 foods that help fight the stress that shortens your life!

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Well, each of us is faced with daily problems. Therefore, they normally provide us with that dose of stress that makes us feel bad and affects any of our activities. Well, we must do something, also because it is proven that stress is the cause of numerous diseases.

We have already dealt with the subject in a previous article: here, instead, we will deepen the five foods that, in the opinion of nutrition experts, help us fight daily stress.

Therefore, a specific diet can alleviate those states of physical and mental stress to which we are constantly exposed. Here, then, according to health and nutrition experts, are the 5 foods that help fight the stress that shortens life! These are foods rich in omega 3, vitamin B, folic acid, zinc and magnesium. But let’s find out together what foods it is.

The 5 foods that help fight the stress that shortens your life!

First of all, there are citrus fruits rich in vitamin C. They, with their flavonoid content, help fight the stress that is so damaging to our body. So, go full steam ahead with oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins and grapefruits.

Early in the morning, a citrus juice is an excellent antidote. Yes, because vitamin C calms the nervous system, purifies and detoxifies the body.

Second food: green tea. Therefore, it is important to leave room for the famous tea hour, which is used to relax and hydrate. In fact, thanks to this drink, we will be able to enjoy an increase in serotonin and therefore a return of good mood.

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Other useful foods

Third food: milk. It allows you to discharge all kinds of negative energy and recharge to the maximum. In fact, the calcium contained in it helps reduce stress. In addition, milk contains phospholipids that act on mood. Therefore, we can consume it as soon as we wake up or before falling asleep.

Then, we don’t have to do without salmon if we want to be healthy. Rich in omega 3, it protects the heart and the circulatory system but also fights inflammation that causes stress. Therefore, thanks to its nutrients it can prevent depression and anxiety and reduce tension.

Finally, we have dried fruit, rich in zinc and iron. The latter serve to balance our mental and physical state. Plus, dried fruit can be added to every meal and recipe and is therefore easy to take.


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