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The 6 benefits of chamomile for skin and hair. Did you know them?

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The 6 benefits of chamomile for skin and hair.  Did you know them?

Do you already know the fabulous benefits of chamomile tea for skin and hair? Below you will find the many benefits that derive from this precious flower.

Not only is it great because it guarantees you a deep and relaxed sleep, but it also boasts powerful ones benefits for the skin and the hair. Find out why below chamomile she is also a great ally of beauty

Nature is always beauty’s best friend! Discover the benefits of chamomile for skin and hair

The chamomile it is one of the oldest and most used medicinal plants in the history of mankind and this precious plant is known above all for its calming and relaxing properties. There chamomile it is a herbaceous and aromatic plant belonging to the Asteraceae family which boasts anti-inflammatory, sedative and antispasmodic qualities. But in addition to its use for calming purposes, chamomile also proves to be a great ally when it comes to skin care beauty. In fact, chamomile extract is very often used in targeted cosmetic formulations for sensitive and delicate skin or in any case subject to allergies and couperose. Chamomile extract is often used in scalp care products and shampoos designed for light-colored hair. Because of its characteristics soothing and protective, chamomile is also excellent for the skin of the face! But now let’s try to find out in detail what all the benefits of chamomile are for skin e hair!

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Chamomile is a great natural hair lightener

chamomile benefits

If you have i hair clear and you want to give a few touches of light to the hair, all you have to do is create a infusion Of chamomile! Get some flowers chamomile in any herbalist’s shop and then boil them in plenty of water. Leave the compound to infuse and, once it cools down, use it to make hair wraps. To lighten hair with chamomile just use it as a compress not only before shampoo, but also afterwards as a final rinse. Obviously we advise you to make constant use over time and you will see how you will be able to obtain lightening natural and very bright. For an even more evident effect, we advise you to let the hair in the open air so that even the sun can have a greater effect on the lightening. Ah, we almost forgot! Also add a few drops of lemon to make the lightening even more decisive.

The healing properties of chamomile

Do you suffer from acne and have the skin often inflamed? Then you definitely need to try adding in yours skincare a few drops of essential oil chamomile! In fact, chamomile has powerful effects healing and regenerating. The essential oil of chamomile can be added to masks by beauty for the healing benefits and in case of irritations of various kinds.

Remove make-up from delicate skin with chamomile oil

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If your skin is particularly sensitive and prone to irritation and you can’t find a make-up remover product that won’t create further problems for you, you can rely on chamomile. In fact, the latter is an excellent remedy for delicately removing even the most resistant make-up!

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Chamomile is also great for strengthening roots!

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Chamomile isn’t just great for lighten i hair, but it’s also a valid ally to fight dandruff and strengthen the hair root. In fact, if you make compresses with a certain frequency, you will notice a better strength of the fiber as chamomile is also excellent for counteracting hair loss. hair. Just like we told you earlier, create an infusion with the chamomileeven with the sachets you have in the pantry, if you want, and rinse your hair after balm with this precious decoction. Chamomile will also prove to have an important sebum-regulating, astringent and rebalancing action, counteracting itching and dryness. Excellent therefore, also for dermatitis or allergic reactions of the scalp.

Chamomile is great for soothing irritated areas of the skin


The infusion of chamomile it is also excellent for intervening in the case of irritations of the skin, to calm and soothe them. If you need to apply chamomile in a localized area, just soak sterile gauze in your infusion at chamomile and leave them for a few minutes on the affected part. This system is also excellent for giving relief to eyes affected by conjunctivitis.

You can also use chamomile tea as a facial toner

If yours is one skincare all natural and you don’t want to integrate any chemical product, you can safely use the chamomile infusion as a tonic for the face. Dip a wad of cotton in the decoction of chamomile and tap it gently on the skin of the face. Chamomile will soothe reddened areas, will do a good deed balancing and it will help you tighten your pores.

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