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The 6 tips for losing weight in menopause and thinning the waistline: here they are

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The 6 tips for losing weight in menopause and thinning the waistline: here they are

TOAST – Menopause is a physiological phase in the life of women. It generally starts around the age of 50, and certainly represents the end of reproductive life.

The change, by means of anatomo-physiological modifications, can lead to a reduction in bone mass; over time this could lead to osteoporosis and the redistribution of body fat, which would tend to accumulate on the belly.

“It is therefore important at this stage to manage your body weight, not only for an aesthetic question”, nutritionist Fabio Mariniello explains to Today. “If on the one hand the deposition of visceral fat increases abdominal swelling, creating numerous discomforts, on the other it increases the risk of certain diseases such as cardiovascular ones. How to do it? Through diet and a correct lifestyle”.

Here are the main tips for interested women who want to protect their health as much as possible.

Sedentary lifestyle

Menopause comes in conjunction with several events that change one’s habits. The questions that must be asked – therefore – are the following: how many hours a day do I really walk? How many hours do I sleep? How many hours do I spend behind the wheel? And how many per session? How often do I go to play sports? Am I at least sporadically calculating the calories I ingest? It is the sedentary lifestyle that increases, not the metabolism that decreases.

Are flash diets right?

Usually, the best-performing diets last for months or even years. Slow weight loss will give your body time to get used to the change and settle into a new, healthier shape. Hormones secreted by adipose tissue (Leptin) affect the mechanism of hunger and satiety. Too rapid changes in the production of these beacons will make it difficult to get used to the new balance.

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Vitamins, calcium and magnesium

For a healthy and balanced nutritional program, the correct intake of vitamin D, k, calcium and magnesium is necessary to support the bones (precisely with a view to safeguarding health from osteoporosis.

Maximum 3 meals per day

Unless you have specific intentions, the Mediterranean diet is the ideal diet. It is recommended to limit (but not to abolish) fried foods (chips), those excessively disproportionate in saturated fats (cheeses), those very salty and those pro-oxidants (red meats, highly processed sausages). The number of meals is to be agreed with the nutritionist and depends on the starting condition and lifestyle of the person. If you have the time and the opportunity to make five smaller meals, let them. On the other hand, those who are bound to rigid schedules / shifts will be able to manage the diet over three meals.

At least 3 workouts per week

Sport is of vital importance and helps those who want to keep fit. It is advisable to proceed gradually, without loading the work too quickly.

Which supplements to use?

In a picture of dyslipidemia (alterations in the amount of lipids (fats) in the blood, in particular triglycerides and cholesterol), Omega-3s will be useful. In cases of severe inflammation, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory complexes of plant origin could benefit you from green tea (epigallocatechin), pineapple (bromelain), blueberries (anthocyanins).

The importance of hobbies

Keeping active, focused and – above all – serene, can only do well. It is advisable to find a couple of hours a week that are dedicated exclusively to your own well-being.

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