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The 8 petrol and diesel cars that with new incentives now really only cost between 9-17 thousand euros

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The Lombardy region has adopted a series of incentive measures to promote the renewal of the vehicle fleet. These purchase incentives are extended to vehicles powered by petrol, diesel, methane, LPG, hybrids, electric or hydrogen, offering a financial contribution that varies from 1,000 to 4,000 euros, depending on the type of vehicle.

Not only that, in autonomous province of Trentothe purchase of category M1 electric vehicles by private citizens, with a list price lower than or equal to 50,000 euros, is encouraged only if the scrapping or replacement of polluting M1 vehicles with petrol or diesel engines is carried out at the same time up to the Euro 5 standard. The contribution amounts to 3,000 euros for scrapping and 2,000 euros for replacement.

The government led by Meloni recently announced new national incentives for the automotive sector. It is possible that, within the next six months, the vehicles mentioned in this article will also be able to benefit from these concessions. Let’s see everything in detail:

  • The petrol cars to buy with the new incentives

  • Diesel cars to buy with the new incentives

The petrol cars to buy with the new incentives

Mitsubishi Space Star version 1.2 with 71 bhp in the Invite Radio trim, which has a list price of 16,600 euros, is available at the discounted price of 12,608 euros. Thanks to the scrapping incentive of the Lombardy Region and the 12% seller discount, it is possible to save a total of 3,992 euros on the purchase. There Invite Radio version Standard features include 14-inch steel wheels, yellow paint, manual climate control, front power windows, central locking, and light and rain sensors.

A valid petrol city car option that can be purchased by taking advantage of the Lombardy 2023 incentives is Renault Twingo 1.0 SCe 65 Equilibre with 65 HP. The base price is 15,350 euros, but thanks to the scrapping bonus of 2,000 euros and the 12% seller discount, it is possible to save a total of 3,842 euros, bringing the price to 11,508 euros. Twingo Balance standard includes 15-inch steel rims, Blue Shopping paint, automatic climate control, electric front windows, central locking, height-adjustable driver’s seat and 7-inch Easy Link multimedia system.

The basic version of the Dacia Sandero, called Streetway SCe 65 in the Essential trim, is equipped with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine that delivers 67 HP of power. The list price is 12,500 euros. Thanks to CO2 emissions between 61 and 120 g/km, it is possible to benefit from a 2,000 euro incentive offered by the Lombardy Region, on condition that the scrapping a vehicle.

Hyundai i10 in the 1.0 MPI Ecopack Advanced version with 67 HP it has a list price of 14,750 euros. Taking advantage of the Lombardy incentive with scrapping and the 12% seller discount, the total bonus reaches 3,770 euros and the discounted price stands at 10,980 euros. Hyundai i10 Advanced Standard features 14-inch steel wheels, four seats, manual climate control, cruise control, lane keeping, height-adjustable driver’s seat, and gray metallic paint.

Kia Picanto petrol version 1.0 Urban with 67 bhp has a base price of 14,300 euros. For residents, the €2,000 regional discount adds up to the seller’s 12% discount to bring the bonus to €3,716 and the discounted price to €10,584. L’Urban setup standard equipment includes orange paint, 14-inch steel rims, electric front windows, manual climate control, DAB radio and central locking.

Diesel cars to buy with the new incentives

Opel Mokka 1.5 with 110 bhp and 6-speed manual gearbox, in the Edition set-up, has a price of 16,600 euros, after deducting the 3,500 euros of scrapping incentives offered by the Lombardy region. The combined WLTP consumption of the Opel Mokka diesel engine is 4.5 l/100 km. L’Edition set-up includes 16-inch alloy wheels, Ikone Green paint, Eco-LED headlights, cruise control, manual climate control, digital instruments, 7-inch DAB radio with Bluetooth, four electric windows and electric parking brake.

Fiat Tipo, equipped with the 130 HP 1.6 Multijet engine and 6-speed manual gearbox, benefits from a regional discount of 3,500 euros, bringing the price to 16,700 euros. The Fiat Tipo declares a fuel consumption of 4.6 l/100 km. In the’Type set-up Included are 16-inch steel wheels, Paprika Orange paint, automatic climate control, cruise control, four electric windows and a 7-inch Uconnect Tablet radio.

Peugeot 208, equipped with the 102 HP turbodiesel engine and 6-speed manual gearbox, has a basic price of 22,370 euros, but thanks to the 3,500 euro incentive it costs 16,870 euros. Peugeot 208 diesel declares a combined consumption of 4.1 l/100 km. In the’Active set-up 15-inch steel rims, Giallo Faro paint, single-zone automatic climate control, front and rear electric windows, central locking, cruise control and 7-inch touchscreen with Mirror Screen are included.

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