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the 8 symptoms not to be underestimated absolutely

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the 8 symptoms not to be underestimated absolutely

High blood sugar, that is the high level of sugar in the blood, should not be underestimated: together with it these 8 symptoms could also tell us a lot!

Our bodyvery often, he sends us gods signals which we should not underestimate for any reason in the world. The reason? Because they can be symptoms that could lead to a disease, more or less serious depending on the specific case. As we all know, the body needs to be fed in the healthiest way possible, so we should never underestimate what we eat and we should always have a healthy and active lifestyle with sports, gym and all those activities that give us well-being, both physical than mental.

One of the things that should worry us about our health is blood sugar. By “glycaemia” we mean the value of glucose, or sugar, present in our blood. Blood sugar levels are highly dependent on what we eat and our eating habits.

Test to calculate the glycemic index (photo source Canva)

In medicine, the saying always applies “Prevention is better than cure”So, by remaining vigilant on the signals that our body sends us, we can understand whether or not there is something wrong. When there are too high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia) we absolutely have to get back in line immediately.


What does suffering from hyperglycemia entail?

sugar hyperglycemia
Foods rich in sugars (photo source Canva)

We all have different substances within the blood including sugar. When we talk about hyperglycemia it means that we have too much glucose in the blood. Usually, we talk about normal values ​​when the blood sugar level, after fasting for 8 hours, is between 70 and 100 mg / dl. On the other hand, when the glycaemia is too high and, when fasting, its value exceeds 126 mg / dl, there is already a diagnosis of diabetes.

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Excessively high blood sugar can cause serious health problems such as renal failure, diseases affecting the cardiovascular system and also the nervous system. It goes without saying that maintaining normal blood sugar levels is very important, a priority to always keep in mind.

Nowadays, it becomes particularly difficult to maintain healthy eating habits as it is very easy to run into foods full of fats and sugars that we are often attracted to. But health should always come first if we want to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

The 8 symptoms to keep in mind: beware of high blood sugar!

foods blood sugar
Foods and tests to measure blood sugar (photo source Canva)

Let’s see together what are the eight symptoms to be taken into consideration to understand if we have a high blood sugar, that is a high blood sugar level.

  • WEAKNESS AND FATIGUE: if we were to always feel tired, fatigued, with little desire and energy to carry out the most common daily actions, it could be an alarm bell.
  • POLYURY (FREQUENT URINATION). We move to a more delicate and, at times, unknown to most people. Frequent urination is another symptom of high blood sugar. But not only that: it also concerns diabetes. It happens because the kidneys try to regain the necessary balance and, at the same time, discard the excess glucose.
  • WEIGHT LOSS (IN SHORT TIME). Sometimes if we lose weight by following a diet, we are (obviously) satisfied. On the other hand, the weight loss in a short time is different, which could be an alarming factor.
  • POLYPHAGIA. If on the one hand there is weight loss in a short time, on the other hand there is polyphagia, better known as the sudden increase in hunger or appetite. It manifests itself with a persistent feeling of hunger. Despite eating, one is never full.
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High blood sugar: the last 4 symptoms that complete the picture

disease symptoms
Sick woman (photo source Canva)

As we saw in the previous paragraph, there are alarm bells that our body sends us, but they are symptoms that can also occur when you suffer from diseases other than hyperglycemia. This is why it is always very important to ask for a medical opinion, especially if, together with the previously exposed signs, these other symptoms also occur:

  • EXCESSIVE THIRST: if it shows up after having drunk enough in the space of a day and you realize you are still very thirsty.
  • IRRITABILITY: if you get irritated by the most trivial things, if you lose your temper in an uncontrolled way even for nonsense.
  • ITCH: if you notice that you have dry skin and an almost incessant itch.
  • BLURRED VIEW: not sporadic episodes, but continue with the passage of time.

It is very important to evaluate together with your doctor if these symptoms may occur due to too high blood sugar or are related to other types of pathologies attributable to them.

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