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the Abano hospital becomes excellence

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the Abano hospital becomes excellence

A long-awaited and well-deserved goal that fills the entire facility and the professionals who work within it with pride. The Abano hospital has been identified as a center of excellence for bariatric surgery by Sicob, the Italian Society of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases. The prestigious recognition rewards the activity for the fight against obesity of the Aponense nursing home, a hospital in the Veneto Region.

Talk to the manager

«We are proud to have reached this important milestone – declares Roberto Moroni, head of Bariatric Surgery of the Abano Polyclinic Group – which highlights the path implemented in recent years to give a concrete health response to all those patients who need surgery bariatric and metabolic. In addition to the surgical activity, we offer the patient a multidisciplinary management and a dedicated path, described in detail in the PDTA, the diagnostic-therapeutic assistance path that we have developed, managed with professionals belonging to the surgical, internal medicine-nutritional and psycho area -behavioral. All elements, these, required to be included in the shortlist of centers of excellence in Italy together with the volume of surgical activity, the communication of the casuist to the Sicob register and other organizational requirements ».

Obesity and surgical therapy

Obesity is a very complex chronic disease and affects 9-10% of the population of our country. Bariatric surgery is used in patients with severe obesity who have not achieved results with behavioral and drug therapy. «In many cases – continues Moroni – surgery is the only solution for a lasting recovery. Even if the patient will, in fact, be followed and supported with a lifelong care. The consequences and problems caused by obesity are many and it is necessary to intervene in time, because it becomes complicated with the onset of cardiovascular, osteo-articular diseases, type 2 diabetes mellitus, respiratory insufficiency, tumor pathologies, which negatively affect the quality and life expectancy of these patients”.

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Nutrition and recovery

The intervention must be combined with the definitive modification of eating behavior. Together with behavioral therapy and in more complex situations, the patient is taken care of by the nutritional, metabolic and functional rehabilitation service in hospitalization. Finally, the patient can also undergo post-Bariatric Reconstructive Surgery, under an agreement with the NHS, to eliminate the excess skin on the abdomen, thighs, arms and trunk caused by the significant weight loss resulting from the bariatric surgery. or the path of nutritional rehabilitation, in order to further improve his quality of life.

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