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the activities to be carried out every day

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the activities to be carried out every day

“Mens sana in corpore sano” the ancients used to say to emphasize the importance of physical well-being. In this regard, let’s find out together how to keep the intestine healthy by following some activities to be carried out daily.

How to keep your gut healthy (Canva)


Until recently atintestine the only task of the digestion. Thanks to scientific innovation and the ever-expanding knowledge of our body, today we can say that this area of ​​the body is made up of millions and millions of neurons. We can therefore consider it a second brain. In fact, the intestine does not have the only function of controlling digestion but we must know that it contains about 70% of immunitary defense body totals. It also possesses the arduous task, in correlation with the brain, of manage emotions: who has never felt butterflies in the stomach or a weight on the stomach in times of stress? For all these reasons it is important know how to keep the intestines healthy.

How to keep the intestine healthy: the activities to do every day

To achieve this, first of all it will be necessary to follow an adequate one hydration: the more we ingest liquids, the more slippery the stomach walls will be to promote proper food transit. Therefore we recommend drinking at least one and a half liters of water daily basis.

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More or less for the same reason it will be essential to increase the quantities of fibre within your weekly diet. Thanks to them, in fact, we will guarantee a correct and assiduous evacuation without thinking about abdominal pain or swelling. Another very important point (not only for the intestine!) Is thephysical activity: keeping fit strengthens, purifies and makes our intestines healthier.

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Have small and frequent meals it is another fundamental step to keep the intestinal tract in good condition: in this way it will never overload. Finally, the consumption of sugar ed antibiotics. As for the first, we can highlight that it is the largest source of sustenance for harmful bacteria that live in our belly. By not feeding them any more, you will live better!

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As for the antibiotics, they should be avoided as much as possible since they have a negative impact on the good bacterial flora, creating a large intestinal decompensation. So now you have all the tools and knowledge to have an iron gut: make good use of it!

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